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May 18, 2017

Mike Brown

Oakland, California: Practice Day

Q. Andre and Zaza?
COACH BROWN: They're both still questionable. Andre went through everything that we did today, and Zaza went through part of it.

Q. Is Andre feeling better?
COACH BROWN: I mean, I'm not trying to be funny, but he has to to be able to go through everything we did today. But that doesn't mean he's going to play.

Q. What do you think about all three of those guys making All-NBA Team?
COACH BROWN: Anytime any of our guys get recognition, we're excited about it as an organization. It's well deserved. They're good players and impact players, not only for us, but for the league too in general. So it's always a good thing when our guys can get recognized.

Q. (Indiscernible) how the Warriors and Cavs are dominating [indiscernible], one of the worst postseasons in a while. What do you say to that?
COACH BROWN: As long as we keep playing like this, I hope it keeps being the worst ever.

Q. Steve Kerr is traveling to San Antonio with the team. Can you tell us what that means to you, and the help he's going to provide? Is he feeling better?
COACH BROWN: We're always excited to have him around. He's been coming to our coaches' meetings. He's been at practice and stuff like that for a few days now. He's our leader. He's the head coach. Anytime he can be around, we feel good.

Q. Do you think he might return to the bench?
COACH BROWN: That's a question you've got to ask Bob [Myers].

Q. Your pregame story was really funny the other day, but also you got stopped several times. Have you heard from any of the officers why that happened the way it did?
COACH BROWN: No, the story was about the San Antonio Spurs having the escort. They would have stopped anybody because it was a police escort getting them to the arena. I was just messing around from the standpoint that I was the acting head coach of the Warriors. You'd think that our Police Department would allow me to slide in ahead of their bus and have them wait a half a count, but it didn't matter. They were doing their job.

Q. I'm just following up on the victory the other night. The Spurs had 22 offensive rebounds. How can this team rebound better? How can they lower that number?
COACH BROWN: San Antonio is a tremendous rebounding team, and that was one of the keys going into the series. Just every possession, we have to be conscious about putting a body on a body. Even a guy like Kawhi, he's the best in the league at following up his own misses. We did an OK job with it at times. We feel like that's an area we can do better by really concentrating and locking down on putting bodies on bodies and doing it early. Because if you try to do it too late, they're long, they're going to root you underneath that rim, and it's a tip, tip, tip, and they're gathering the offensive glass. Then they send a lot of guys to the offensive glass, sometimes two of their three smalls to the offensive glass. So our smalls have to continue trying to get in the mix, too, to help tip some of those balls that the bigs get or box out some of the smalls that are crashing the glass.

Q. Is there anything mechanically you've noticed about Klay's shooting form or is it pretty much the same and he's just missing shots?
COACH BROWN: No, he's going to be fine. He's just missed some shots. He's gotten great looks. Me trying to mess with Klay's mechanics, I don't make enough money to do that. It's above my pay grade. He's a great shooter.

Q. In a weird way is it kind of comforting knowing that you have one of your best scorers struggling with his shot and yet you're doing what you're doing right now?
COACH BROWN: That's a fair question, but I know for me I don't even look at it that way. We feel like if there's one guy and sometimes two guys out of the three big scorers that we have that are off, we're still capable of scoring 110 points. So what I'm most interested in is Klay a) getting good looks and b) he did a terrific -- not a good job, not a great job, but a fantastic job at driving and kicking.

Steve preaches drive and kick, drive and kick, right spacing, right spacing. We showed today probably four to six clips of him driving the ball, kicking, making the right plays. We showed that to the team, and he was probably the initial driver of three out of the five clips that we showed. So offensively he's playing fantastic. He's spacing the floor the right way. He's driving when he needs to drive. He's making the right pass.

Then for us, another key was you're not going to stop Patty Mills, but we've got to pay attention to Patty Mills. Klay has been chasing Patty around for two games now, which is tough to do. So the way he's playing, I'll take it any day of the week. Because we know the shooting part is the easy part for him.

Q. Why did you decide to go to San Antonio tonight, practice there tomorrow, instead of go tomorrow?
COACH BROWN: Just to get acclimated to the time change. It's a long flight, they're two hours ahead. We get out there and figure out when to go to sleep tonight, wake up there, and get on the time schedule sooner than later.

Q. Would you be comfortable putting McCaw on Kawhi defensively?
COACH BROWN: Probably not. Kawhi is a big, strong guy. Pat is a little slight of frame and he's young. So it would probably be a tough matchup for Pat.

Q. Is that why you played Barnes in Game 1?
COACH BROWN: Nobody can stop Kawhi one-on-one, but Matt's a little bigger, a little longer.

Q. If you don't have Zaza, how do you adjust?
COACH BROWN: We feel good about the bigs that we have. In time we can slide Draymond to the five and play Matt at the four and KD at the four. We still have JaVale and David [West]. We also have McAdoo, who has played big minutes for us from time to time. We feel good about the size that we still have if Zaza can't go.

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