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May 18, 2017

Evgeni Malkin

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Practice Day

Q. How do you guys move on and bounce back from a game like you had last night?
EVGENI MALKIN: It was a tough game last night, like how close it was, but we forget that. We know it's like we can play better for sure. We lost, like, in just 20 minutes, we lost game. Tomorrow, like, focus on just 20 minutes, like play so much better. Focus like blocking shots, like tough rebounds off the boards, like 60 minutes.

We play against a great team. They're not playing like only two defensive zones. They play all three zones. They have good forwards, they got great defensemen who help the forwards.

Q. What can you guys do to generate more goals? Easy, to score more. I know it's not easy.
EVGENI MALKIN: That's the problem, we need to shoot the puck, you know. Like, both team, you shoot the puck. We have a couple of good chance last game. Phil have a couple. I have a couple. But we need it to be our moment. It's not easy to score, but I hope, like, we forget all three games and turn page, and tomorrow we like start to play our game. Like shoot the net, like play more offensive zone. If we want to win the game, we need to score like for sure a couple goals or maybe more.

Q. Geno, was the decision to start Fleury or Murray tomorrow, do you guys as veteran players talk to Mike, or is that something that's just his call and you stay out of it?
EVGENI MALKIN: Yeah, I think it's coach's decision, it's not players'. We have both goalies, they're both good. I think Flower had bad game, not a great game last night, but I think he's ready to play tomorrow. He has great confidence in his ability.

But it doesn't matter who like stay in net, he needs help, you know. Players need help, like blocking shots, like open ice to him, like do our job. I know goalies did a great job this year, and they're ready to focus and ready to play tomorrow. But I don't pick goalie.

Q. You guys -- you, Sid, Phil, and Jake, are outscoring the rest of the Penguins combined in this run so far. Do you guys feel like, with the goal drought, is there extra pressure on you guys to produce this stage of the season?
EVGENI MALKIN: I think me and Sid, we always feel pressure, like every game. I mean, it doesn't matter, you play against Ottawa or Washington, like we always -- we like that, like it's our life, our hockey life. We come to the rink. We work every practice to score and to help the team to win. Like we understand the tough situation that we lost 2-1 and tomorrow we play Game 4.

So toughest game, I think, tomorrow for us. Of course, me and Sid, we understand that, and we need to be ready tomorrow for sure. We need to play better, like don't listen to noise, don't listen to like everything, like forget everything and play how we can, like we have good group, good leadership, and just show our game.

Q. Can I ask a Phil question? You've played with a lot of great shooters over the years. Where does his shot rank among the guys you've played with?
EVGENI MALKIN: He play like -- they're born like with great hands. It's tough to explain. I look to these two guys, and they just love to shoot. I like to play a different game. They're different players.

Q. Do you feel he's one of the best players since you started the playoffs? After a tough game, people start to blame him. Do you find it a little unfair for Fleury?
EVGENI MALKIN: I think he's very confident. He's won games. Not just Flower, but all 20 players have bad game last night. We need to forget. Just only one game. Sometimes it's happening. But it's not over. I mean, it's not going to be easy for the next game against Ottawa. We understand that. We have a great group. Like, yeah, we not play great last game, but okay, next game.

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