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May 18, 2017

Marc-Andre Fleury

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Practice Day

Q. Have you been told if you're starting Game 4 or not?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: No, I don't know yet. He hasn't spoken about it.

Q. What you said last night, you were hoping that maybe one game wouldn't be the end of your run here?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Yeah, for sure. I really did enjoy to be out front. It's not going to go 16 games in a row perfectly. So I put that one behind already, and I'll be ready to go.

Q. (Inaudible), there were some weird bounces, was that easier to (inaudible)?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Yeah, that's what I think too. Some flukey ones. I don't know. I still feel confident we're going to get more.

Q. Marc, you have such a great, easygoing personality on the outside. How do you handle a big game like that on the big stage internally?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: I don't know. It's been going well so far. Try to enjoy the moment. Try to have fun with it. You know, this is a fun time of year. It's pretty intense. The atmosphere is good. Just try to enjoy it.

Q. How disappointed are you if you don't get the call tomorrow?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: We'll see when that happens.

Q. Can you talk about the goaltenders, when the team gets one goal a game, does that make it your job (inaudible)?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: I can't recall the last time that happened during the regular season. Every game I'm confident we're going to get some. I just try to stop the next one and give us a chance to stay in the game and always feel we're going to get something.

Q. When you (inaudible), how does that resonate with the guys in this locker room?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: I think we're aware of what's going on. I feel they came out hard, harder than we did. They got a couple of flukey goals. They got the lead, and I didn't shut it down. That's why the start of the game is so important to get into it and maybe get the lead in the game.

Q. (Inaudible), how much do you blame yourself for something like that, for when it's a bad bounce?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: Yeah, any time there's a goal that goes in, I'm always mad about it. I don't want to get scored on. But if it's a flukey goal, I've got to just move past it and be ready for the next one.

Q. Did they surprise you a little bit with how aggressive they were early in the offensive zone maybe?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: That's not the first. That came up in Pittsburgh. It's something we talked about. We expected them to come out a little harder in their home here.

Q. Do you have any sort of routine originally you went through after the game last night to sort of put that one behind you? Or just sort of a mental thing?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: I always like to watch the tape, see what happened, and talk with Balesy, the goalie coach, and talk about what needs to be discussed. Tomas Vokoun gave me a tip a few years back. I want something, I stick to it.

Q. What about Vokoun? You talked to Vokoun last night?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: No, not last night. A few years back, he gave me some tips of what to do.

Q. You want to share them?
MARC-ANDRE FLEURY: No, that's fine.

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