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May 18, 2017

Jonathon Simmons

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. How can you take the pressure off of LaMarcus and Gasol as far as the way they're double-teaming them and triple-teaming them even?
JONATHON SIMMONS: It starts on the defensive end. I think when we're able to get stops, it makes the offense better for us.

We all have to play together as a team. It's not going to take two or three guys to beat them. It's going to take a whole collective group. So I think it starts on the defensive end, and that way our offense will open up a little more for everybody.

Q. Pop obviously praised you a lot after Game 2. Are you going to try to approach the rest of the games with the same sort of aggressiveness from the offensive end?
JONATHON SIMMONS: Yeah, no reason to back away now from being aggressive. Just go at it and try to protect our home floor. We've got to protect it. That's pretty much the mindset.

Q. What about the mindset of the team? I know Pop said in Game 2 you played like you felt sorry for yourselves. Where do you think the team is mentally?
JONATHON SIMMONS: We're good mentally. We're ready for Game 3.

Q. Do you feel like you're a guy that sort of plays up to the level of your competition? Is there something about playing against the Warriors in this huge stage that really excites you?
JONATHON SIMMONS: Yeah, bigger lights. Everybody's watching. Plus, I've always had to prove myself. So I think this is a great stage for me to prove myself against great players and just try to help the team win.

Q. Have you been getting a lot of text and phone calls recently?
JONATHON SIMMONS: No, I turn phones off. I don't like people bothering me. People pretty much know that, so it's not that crazy for me. That's all social media.

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