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May 18, 2017

LaMarcus Aldridge

Oakland, California - Practice Day

Q. Any idea yet whether Kawhi will be available for Game 3?
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: I haven't heard anything yet.

Q. Pop said after Game 2 he needs you to score.
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: Yeah, and I said I'm going to be myself and I'm going to take shots.

Q. It seems like they're throwing a lot at you, double teams, triple teams. Is that something different than you've seen?
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: Yeah, they've never really doubled like that and triple-teamed at times. It was definitely something different that I've seen here. But I have to play through it. Take my shot or try to find an open guy. I think last game it definitely worked to their advantage with me getting passive. Our next game, I won't do that.

Q. Did you see more doubles and triples after Kawhi went out?
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: For sure, instantly. Even in [Game 1], they started to do it late. It ended up working out for them, so they did it more last game. But I'm going to play through it and I'm going to be all right.

Q. Do you feel like you want more touches?
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: I just want to play. After a tough loss, guys want to play. Every guy on the team is competitive and is ready to play now.

Q. This series aside, what's it been like these past few years for you working with Ime [Udoka]?
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: Being here has been good. Learned a lot of things. Guys get better here and you just learn the system. This year has been a lot more comfortable.

Q. How much of a part has he played in that?
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: He's been big. Passing messages from Pop, just trying to point out certain things. Having him to talk to is also good for me.

Q. Have you noticed any difference between how he communicates now compared to when he was your teammate?
LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE: Yeah, now he gets on my nerves. He talks too much. (Laughter) Now he's always talking. That's his job, though. As teammates, I don't think he talked as much. Now he never stops talking.

Q. Do you think he'll be a future head coach?
A. For sure he will be.

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