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May 17, 2017

Marc Methot

Derick Brassard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Postgame

Ottawa-5, Pittsburgh-1

Q. Derick, what's it like when you look up at the scoreboard 13 minutes in and it says 4-0 Ottawa?
DERICK BRASSARD: Well, obviously, it feels pretty good. I think just the energy in the building gave us a lot of momentum there in the first period. Every line, every pairs, we just competed really hard, and we put pucks behind them. We capitalized on some chances, and it's just good to see that every line chipped in. Even my friend here on the right chipped in on a goal.

Q. Marc, could you just take us through your goal, kind of what you saw, and just getting another goal in the postseason, what that means to you. And I'm going to tack on a third question here. Is there still pain in your finger? Where is that in terms of what you're dealing with?
MARC METHOT: As far as my finger goes, I think, more than anything, what's obstructing it now is just the glove that I have. The two fingers are wedged together, I think, on the end. The pain for the most part is gone. I think at this point it's recalcified and a lot of it's kind of grown back, but there's not much feeling there. Obviously, it's still numb, but aside from that, I've been in very good hands here with this team, and they've taken good care of me. It's come a long way.

As far as my goal goes, I think I was just kind of creeping in there, and I was fortunate to get a rebound. And then when I knew Fleury was down low and tight to me, I just wanted to get it up high and obviously very lucky that it bounced off five players. But I mean, I'll take it.

Q. Marc, a couple of your teammates after the game were making fun of your goal celebration. Is that something that you need to work on now that you have two?
MARC METHOT: I don't get paid to score goals, so I don't care.

Q. Derick, you were 14 of 16 on face-offs. Is that part of the game you take pride in?
DERICK BRASSARD: Especially when I won one face-off in Game 2. I mean, that was against Matt Cullen in Game 2, pretty good veteran center.

You know, sometimes you're going to struggle, but all four centers on our team, we all take pride of that. They're a puck possession team. So every time we can start with the puck, we'll take that. But I obviously tried to -- I did some videos today to try to get better at it for my linemates and for my team. Hopefully, I can keep up the good work there.

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