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May 17, 2017

Sidney Crosby

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pregame

Q. Are you getting used as a team, you know, all these injuries coming in night after night but the team is always marching on?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, we've had some practice at it, unfortunately, throughout the year, but I think we handle it the right way. We approach it with the same mentality, and hopefully that's something that will help us out with the situation we're in now.

Q. What's the luxury of a guy like Mark Streit getting into the action tonight, playing more than 800 games in the NHL?
SIDNEY CROSBY: I think you said it, just that experience, I think that goes a long way when you're thrown into different situations. He's played a lot of games, especially in the playoffs here when the stakes are higher, you want a guy who's comfortable, and he's going to be able to come in and do that for us.

Q. You look like you had a conversation with Mark at the end of practice. Was it power play shop talk?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I mean, he's really smart. He's always looking for guys out there through seams and things like that. So he hasn't actually played, so just kind of giving him an idea of what we're looking for and kind of seeing what he sees out there too.

You try to prepare as much as you can, not knowing how many power plays you're going to get and things like that. So you want to make the most of ones you get.

Q. If you get Daley back, what kind of difference can he make coming up the ice and in the offensive zone?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, I think his skating, I mean, that's a big part of his game. Getting out of our zone, skating us out of trouble. And then offensively, he's able to really move around in the offensive zone and create things that way too. Not many guys can skate like him. So it's definitely a big strength of his.

Q. What do you want to build off of the last game?
SIDNEY CROSBY: I think we were good at being patient but also not sitting back. I guess, by saying that, I mean playing fast, but then when there weren't plays there, we weren't afraid to chip pucks and go to work a little bit too. We generated some good chances, which we liked, and we'll try to do much more of that in Game 3.

Q. Sid, you played against these guys in the first ever playoff series ten years ago. I wonder what you remember about that series and what you sort of took away and how that series made you better as a player.
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, it was a pretty good wakeup call as a young player. I remember that first game being completely different than any game I'd played in prior to that. It was just way more intense, way faster, the desperation level. They were a really good team, and I think you learn from that pretty quickly that you need to elevate your game in the playoffs, and when the stakes are higher like that, everybody does. I think we lost in five, it ended up being. It was good to go through that, though.

Q. How vastly different is it to play Washington and their style and now against Ottawa with that quick turnaround?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, it's different. It's an adjustment. Both ways are effective ways to play the game, but they're different. I think, when you get to this point, everybody believes in their own game and what gets you here, but there are little adjustments you have to make. In this case, probably a few more adjustments considering how they play.

So I think we've done a good job in every series, getting better with every game. But it will be that much more important, I think, in this series.

Q. (Indiscernible) for the second straight year. Do you have an appreciation for how hard it is to win two years in a row and why it doesn't happen a lot in the NHL, having lived it?
SIDNEY CROSBY: Yeah, absolutely. I think I had that appreciation coming in, but I think just going through it and understanding how tough it is to win, you need some bounces, you need some luck around the way. But we've done a great job of just going a game at a time here and embracing those challenges. So we want to continue to go the same way here, but definitely a greater appreciation for it now.

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