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May 17, 2017

Trevor Daley

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pregame

Q. How do you feel, and any prospects for tonight?
TREVOR DALEY: Pretty good. Get warmup in and go from there.

Q. Does it sort of change your mindset in the sense that you guys are deep in the playoffs, when you get back in the lineup, there's not going to be any time for sort of easing in, right?
TREVOR DALEY: Yeah, I know that. I haven't been out for that long. I think it's only been a week. It's not that new, but, yeah, I'm excited to hopefully get back tonight.

Q. How long have you been skating on your own for?
TREVOR DALEY: I've been doing it for the last three, four days.

Q. A guy like you, skating is such an important thing. Do you feel like you can be effective getting back in the lineup after a couple of games off?
TREVOR DALEY: Yeah, I feel like I can skate well. So that was the battle. I feel like I'm back skating well. So it's good.

Q. Were injuries to other guys influencing you coming back?
TREVOR DALEY: No, I was hoping to try to be ready for tonight.

Q. How encouraged are you at the progress you've been making?
TREVOR DALEY: Yeah, I'm excited. When I went down, I was frustrated. I missed a lot of time last year, so not where I wanted to be. But I'm excited with the progress I've made in the last week.

Q. What have you thought of the series so far? It seems like you guys have to be patient?
TREVOR DALEY: Yeah, they're a sound team, well coached. They play the game very sound. So we've just got to be very patient and take what the game gives us.

Q. Has it been helpful to see the 1-3-1 from up top?
TREVOR DALEY: Yeah, they've seen it. When you get to see it out there, obviously, it gives you a little more perspective on it. When you see it from up top, it looks really easy, but when you get out there, it's going to be tough to get through.

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