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May 17, 2017

Kaylin Yost

Williamsburg, Virginia

THE MODERATOR: Very pleased to introduce Kaylin Yost, our sponsor invite for the 2017 Kingsmill Championship. Thank four joining us Kaylin.

Just want to ask you the story of how you heard you were going to get the sponsor invite and what that conversation was like ask your reaction.

KAYLIN YOST: I emailed a couple tournament sponsors after the Phoenix tournament and just kind of told them my story. Told them I don't have any status and I am striving to be on the LPGA. Mr. Mathew, you know, responded after I sent that email and said, We're looking into all the invites we have and I'll let you know.

After a couple weeks he gave me a phone call and just kind of talked a bit, and he said, We would love to have you here. Come up for media day. Of course I was honored because it is a big event and it could be my second LPGA event, so I was very happy.

We just kind of emailed back and forth and talked on the phone. I have to tell you, he is without a doubt the most friendliest person I've met. He's just been very welcoming since I've been on site. He said, If you need anything...

So I am very happy to be here.

THE MODERATOR: Great. You mentioned you got the chance to play at the Bank of Hope Founders Cup back in March. Monday qualifier there. Can you just recap what that experience was like and anything that you learned from there that you'll use this week?

KAYLIN YOST: Well, that was an exciting week because it was my first LPGA event. It was a whirlwind week. I think the biggest thing I took away from that tournament is I know I'm good enough to be out here, I know that I can compete among some of the top players. I learned a lot about myself as far as confidence, and like I said, that I'm good enough to be out here.

As far as coming into this week, my goal is just to have my name on that, just enjoy to play well. To have fun is the biggest thing. Just to know that I belong out here.

THE MODERATOR: What about things within your game? Is there anything you've been working on since then specifically?

KAYLIN YOST: Specifically is putting. I struggled a little bit the last two days out in Arizona, so been working really hard on putting. I don't think it was a flaw there. I think it was just more confidence.

So I have working on dialing in my putting and just believing in myself.

THE MODERATOR: I think most of us by now have probably heard your story. You have a really inspiring story. It's been quite a journey for you to make it to where you are. What's been the reaction from your family and friends with the attention you've gotten?

KAYLIN YOST: I think everyone has been very supportive. I come from a loving family and friends, so I think everyone is just happy for me and been in my corner. I've always had positive parents, positive golf coach, so it's just really special that everyone has been lifting me up with my journey.

THE MODERATOR: Exciting news for you. Do you want to share your news? She is wearing a special hat today.

KAYLIN YOST: Yeah, Crown & Caliber. Met through a friend, and they've been generous to help out and sponsor me this event. I'm really excited. It's a high-end watch reseller, so it's very nice that they lend me a watch to wear for the week and just kind of share them.

They're an on-line business, and you can sell and resell your watch.

So I'm happy and very happy to where Crown & Caliber.

Q. When you made that nice start at Phoenix, what kind of reaction did you get from people?
KAYLIN YOST: I think everybody was quite surprised. I don't mean to say quite surprised, but I think because it was my first LPGA event everyone believed I could; it was just the fact that I did it.

I've always come from a very positive family and friends, so everybody was just rooting for me just to continue to play well out in Phoenix.

Q. Was there some interest from people like Crown & Caliber that came out of that which were encouraging to you?
KAYLIN YOST: I definitely think it helps. I'm starting to talk to some hearing aid companies. I think that would just be really good marketing as far as hearing.

I'm really in need of new hearing aids, so I have talking to a few companies. It's in the works. Definitely helps starting getting my name out there, so I just hope to continue with that.

Q. On the Phoenix thing, how did that affect your confidence? Never having played an LPGA event and probably wondering exactly how you would do, how important was that start?
KAYLIN YOST: It was very important. Fact that I birdied my first LPGA hole is something I'll always remember. And shooting a 67.

Like I said, probably the best thing that's happened for my golf game by far, is just really believing in myself and knowing that I came out strong and that I made the lowest LPGA cut.

So I'm just going to continue to build off this momentum. When I'm here this week, I am just going to know that I belong out here.

Q. If I birdied your first LPGA hole, surely you remember it. Walk us through it. Was it a par-4? Par-5? Tell us what you hit. How long was the putt?
KAYLIN YOST: It was a Par-5. Hit a nice draw. Hit a 9-iron into the green and had maybe about a six-foot putt; made it.

Something I'll always remember. It was funny. My brother, who I'm very competitive with, he text me, Oh, my gosh. You birdied your first LPGA hole. Just take that and learn from it and continue to strive on.

Q. Was it watching online?
KAYLIN YOST: Yes. He was watching online. My mom does it as well. Family and friends as well. It's nice that they have the update, livescoring.

Q. You've been out here since Monday. What are your impressions of the course?
KAYLIN YOST: The golf course is in amazing condition. It's beautiful. Just seeing all the different holes, especially along the river, without a doubt great shape. Greens are really pure. They're rolling really well.

Definitely be below the hole if you have downgrains, downslopes. So I think the course is in excellent shape. I am really looking forward to playing it. I played a practice round yesterday, and I'll be in the afternoon pro-am.

Q. Do you much experience with pro-ams?
KAYLIN YOST: I played a few on the Symetra Tour. I have a little bit of experience. First LPGA, so looking forward to it.

THE MODERATOR: Who is going to be in the gallery watching you this week?

KAYLIN YOST: I don't think I'll have many family. Family can't come. I do have some friends coming this week. Most people be from online scoring.

Q. Your coach at Campbell was mentioning how close you've are remained with the program and that you continue to support the girls who are playing there now. How has that evolved? What led you to remain close with the program?
KAYLIN YOST: Coach did a really good job recruiting the girls. He really brought in a tight knit when I was there. All four years I was lucky to call them my best friends, my sisters.

I was just there this past weekend at graduation. When I was a senior the two freshman graduated, so makes me feel old. They were graduating, and I just support them and they know they can reach out to me. I am a phone call away.

We were so close when I was there. I just want to continue that relationship.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you for joining us.

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