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May 16, 2017

Randy Carlyle

Anaheim, California - Postgame

Nashville - 2, Anaheim - 1

Nashville leads series, 2-1

Q. Randy, seemed like during the game, do you think -- contact as well. Do you think they crossed the line?
COACH CARLYLE: They had two goals waved off from goalie interference taking the puck to the net. And so again obviously that was one of their tactics to drive the puck to the net and to continue on with the body. We felt that earlier in the game they were driving to the net and pushing us into our goaltender.

But again that's the way the game went tonight. It didn't go the way we felt -- we didn't play like -- we didn't play anywhere near where we're capable of playing. And we received the game a lot.

But we still had a chance. And that's the most encouraging part, because we can play better than what we played tonight. We know that. And we take two offensive zone penalties in the third period, you just can't do that, not in Playoffs.

Q. What did you think of John Gibson's work tonight?
COACH CARLYLE: I thought Gibby gave us a chance. I don't think you could say that -- he stood tall in the nets and he gave us a chance. And that's all you can really ask of your goaltender.

I think we just didn't do a very good job in front of him as far as managing the puck and then managing the people that were inside. If you do the comparison we look at they worked harder to get inside than we did tonight.

Q. You mentioned the offensive zone penalty. The one by Wagner really ended up being the one that cost you, didn't it?
COACH CARLYLE: Yeah, we had another one earlier, the holding the stick in the offensive zone. But the emotion and the ebbs and flows of emotion that takes part in the game and the raucous type of atmosphere, there's oos and ahs on everything. So it's hard to justify everything little thing that takes place out there.

Q. I know scoring chances are the biggest concern. But I think they're outshooting (indiscernible). Is that concerning to you? Do you need to limit their shots or do you need to get more?
COACH CARLYLE: Well, I think the shots against tonight, I just have one tidbit that at one point it was 9-8 for us. And on one flurry it went to 14. So I don't know who is counting the shots.

But they dominated the shot clock tonight. I'm not going to say they didn't. But in reference -- I didn't think they had five shots in net, and then next thing you know they've got 14. It was out of sequence. There was one sequence, I think, they got one shot and a little bit of a scramble, and all of a sudden they had four more shots at it. I don't know who was keeping it, but he better get a pair of glasses.

Q. Looked like you guys got off to an ideal start there, maybe about the first ten minutes or so. Preds maybe raised their energy level. Did you feel like you guys matched their energy level at some point?
COACH CARLYLE: I don't think we did. As I indicated earlier they worked harder to get inside than we did. We did not come with the skating game that we're capable of. And consequently we were received a good part of the game.

Q. You talked earlier about the necessity of watching where you entered the puck in their zone because the way Rinne handles it. Did you not do as good a job of that in this game as you did in Anaheim?
COACH CARLYLE: For sure. We didn't attack the neutral ice with speed. And that's one of our trademarks. When we play well, we're a hockey club that can get through the neutral ice with skating the puck plus moving it. And we didn't do it very well tonight.

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