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May 16, 2017

Jonathon Simmons

Oakland, California - Postgame

Warriors - 136, Spurs - 100

Q. Your coach said he was surprised that you guys came out this way. Did you feel you were sharp? You had a good game, but he said some of the other players weren't as involved in the game as they should have been?
JONATHON SIMMONS: It was clear to see that as a team we didn't come out like we wanted the game and they just protected home floor.

Q. Popovich just talked about how you were one of the only people with belief on the court tonight. Just wondering, heading back into San Antonio, how are you going to spark that fire in the rest of your teammates?
JONATHON SIMMONS: That's not something I have to do. I think as individuals, as professionals we should come with that fire regardless of what happened tonight or what happened in Game 1. We should come out and be prepared to take our home floor just like they did.

Q. Jon, I do have to ask you this, that $150 [spent on a D-League tryout], I don't know if that was your last penny that you had to turn this dream into reality. Can you talk about that happening and, you know, stretching it and extending it all the way to an NBA start in the Playoffs?
JONATHON SIMMONS: That wasn't my last penny, but I just used that as a way to show my face in front of some big league scouts and just kind of figured it out from there. It wasn't a dream just to be in the NBA. I just did that to try to build my resume so maybe something would happen overseas.

Who knows. I think it was more the love of the game. Just wanted to stick with it and try another option, and look what happened now. It's perseverance and just the will and not wanting to give up.

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