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May 16, 2017

Mike Brown

Oakland, California - Pregame

COACH BROWN: Sorry. I'm a couple minutes late. I was driving here and had my son and a couple friends in my car. I have a black Range Rover, and we were exiting the off-ramp and I looked through my rear view, and I tell my son -- because my son loves Coach Pop. You know, Coach Pop, known him for a long time. And I said, Cam, the Spurs are behind us. And he goes, how do you know? I said, There is a police escort, motorcycles in front of them. He goes, Okay.

So one motorcycle zooms, and the red light that you've got to turn left when you exit off the exit ramp, pauses there and tells everybody to get through. So my buddy's like, oh, you've got to thank the Spurs for that part. I'm like, okay, cool. So go to the next red light, and more cops come. Now the bus is right up on us. More cops come. They're like get through, get through. This is kind of helping us out, or helping me out. Because I've got Double R [Raymond Ridder] breathing down my neck. So then we get to the part where you're about to turn right to go through the big gates where -- the last red light.

The cop's like get through, get through. I'm like this is great. I didn't have to stop for any of these red lights. So I literally start to go, and I'm going to get in the far left lane, right, to go through where we all go through, and a cop out of nowhere pulls in front of me and goes: Hey, you, stop!

I'm like, Warriors acting coach. He's like, I don't care. Hey, you, stop. So I'm like feeling myself a little bit. I'm like, hey, I'm being bullied by Oakland PD or San Francisco PD in my own building, my own parking lot. So I start to go loop. And another one pulls up: Hey, you, you heard him. Stop. So I'm like, okay. I'm on motorcycles, right, if I scoot a little closer, they'll get a little scared, because I know I'd get scared. I start scooting forward. And then an SUV pulls up, and I hear them over the loud speaker: Hey, you, in the Range Rover, stop. Right now. You heard the officer. Stop. So then I got scared. I'm like I've got five cops around me, so I just stopped. I said, I'm trying to get to the game. So I let the bus go, and the 18 cops, and I'm going around behind the bus, and I get this phone call. Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs. So I answer the phone, and Pop is dying. He goes, Mike, I didn't know that was you. He goes, I'm sitting here, and I see this black Range Rover, I see all these cops surrounding them. I see the car trying to inch forward, I'm like, he's about to get arrested. I said, Pop, I said this is my own building. He goes, I know. When I saw it was you, I died laughing (laughing). So, that's why I'm late. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, Double R.

Q. Is there an update on [Andre] Iguodala? Is he going to be able to go for you guys tonight?
COACH BROWN: I haven't talked to anybody. Except I do need to find out if it's San Francisco Police Department or Oakland Police Department. Those are the only two people I've talked to, so I'm not sure yet.

Q. What was more intimidating for you? The thought of the police arresting you or Raymond Ridder being mad at you for being late to this?
COACH BROWN: Now that he received the PR Department of the Year, him (laughing). No, it's all good. It was fun.

Q. If Andre can't go, how does that effect your rotation? Who might see more time?
COACH BROWN: Again, Steve has done this all year, he's played multiple guys, we've had Pat McCaw play, we've had Matt Barnes play, Ian's [Clark] played. So we feel like there are a long list of guys that we can choose from. Based on who is on the floor for the Spurs at the time and how our flow is offensively and defensively, we'll make the decision then.

Q. After looking at some tapes of the game, the comeback, was there anything else that you saw that stuck out to you that you'd like to see the Warriors sharpen up on?
COACH BROWN: One of the things these guys do, and we told our guys this yesterday, too, no matter who is on the floor for these guys, and we said it earlier, they play hard. That's why they can sustain and/or win games without their best player or a couple of their good players. They just play so hard. They believe in one another. Pop believes in them, and it shows.

So I thought in Game 1 they played extremely hard in the first half. They came up with most of the 50/50 balls and the loose balls. Got a lot of long rebounds. They basically hit us first. Then in the second half we woke up a little bit. We were able to get some of those longer rebounds. We were able to get some offensive rebounds ourselves. We were able to counter-punch from time to time.

Q. It's been another day, and the only thing anyone's talking about on TV for sure is the Pachulia and Leonard incident. You've had another day. Are you watching all that stuff on TV? Do you have any more reaction today?
COACH BROWN: No, I'm not watching it, and I don't have any more reaction. We talked about it yesterday, and everybody said what they had to say. People are going to keep talking about it because it's the Playoffs and there are four teams left. So it's newsworthy to a lot of people, I guess.

Q. With all the good things Klay has done on the defensive end, he's been cold for him in these Playoffs. Can you guys succeed throughout this postseason without a Klay game or two, that kind where he gets really hot?
COACH BROWN: You know, again, I don't think our team is based off of one guy. He's had games where he's shot well. He's had games where he's defended well. He's had games where he's done both. There have been games where maybe K.D. hasn't shot well. There have been games for sure in the Playoffs where K.D. hadn't played due to injury, and we've survived so far.

Now, obviously, you want everybody clicking and on the same page and at the top of their game and all that other stuff, but that's why you have a team. That's why Joe [Lacob], our owner, and Bobby [Myers] and his group went out and tried to get a guy like K.D. You keep trying to add to your team so that you have other guys that can fill in in any areas needed when you're not getting the production that you want.

Q. Obviously you're not in jail, but how did it end?
COACH BROWN: No, I told them if they keep messing with me they're going to have to deal with Double R. He was like, okay, go ahead, go through. Go through. No, I stopped. I did what they asked me to, and I let them take care of San Antonio and we got here just in time. Now I'm here.

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