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May 16, 2017

Craig Anderson

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Practice Day

Q. (No microphone) compared to Game 1?
CRAIG ANDERSON: Not really. Just a lot of the same. Tight checking, close game, just like Game 1 was. Just, you know, nothing that we weren't expecting.

Q. Was there more zone time? Certainly from our standpoint, it looked like there was more offensive zone time from Pittsburgh.
CRAIG ANDERSON: I mean, in the second period, I think they had it in our zone for a little bit where we were defending. But we defended pretty well. We kept them to the outside. But as far as scoring chances or chances we were giving up, I didn't feel like there was any more in the second game than there was in the first.

Q. Is it a mindset too, when you're 0-0 through 40 minutes, to instinctively on the road just try and protect that?
CRAIG ANDERSON: You still need to score to win the game. So I don't think we're consciously doing anything different in the third period than we would any other time.

Q. So it was more Pittsburgh, then, than you guys in terms of chance and shots?
CRAIG ANDERSON: I think they're a good team, and they were -- you know, they buttoned down their hatch pretty good there against us and didn't really let us generate much. So we'll have to look at the tapes. There's lots of video that we'll be able to break down and make some adjustments.

Q. You seem to end up in more tight games.
CRAIG ANDERSON: That suits our system and our game play. And we've played all season long in a tight checking game, so I think it's to our advantage to continue to play that way.

Q. Did you see a lot more traffic in Game 2? It seems like in the second game, they just wanted to get at you and just be in front of you more?
CRAIG ANDERSON: There was some more traffic. Like I said, I didn't really see a dig difference between Game 1 and 2. I thought they did a good job in Game 1 getting to the net. I'm not sure what they were seeing.

Q. (Indiscernible) getting to you there?
CRAIG ANDERSON: He was just coming back hard, trying not to let Crosby have a free play. We'll take that.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
CRAIG ANDERSON: Not at all. He's pretty light.

Q. 50-50 guess. Was it right skate where you caught the edge?
CRAIG ANDERSON: No, the left skate. When I went to go readjust, so I butterfly, Pageau blocked it, went to go readjust and tried the butterfly again, and my left edge just caught on the ice, and I couldn't fly to my left.

Q. Did you feel you had a chance to get it?
CRAIG ANDERSON: Oh, I had it. I just -- it's just frustrating, you know. Like I said the other night, a player loses an edge, he falls down, nothing -- usually nothing happens. Just kind of an unlucky break for myself.

Q. Is it easy to shake that off? Is it easy to just chalk that up to some bad ice and shake it off, or does it stick with you?
CRAIG ANDERSON: No, it's bad luck. That's all it is for me. I think there's a lot of good positive things going on in my game right now that, win or lose, I usually have a pretty bad memory, most of the guys know.

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