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May 14, 2017

Andy Murray

Rome, Italy

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously a tough loss against Borna in Madrid. You only had a few days coming here and maybe analyzing that performance a little more and anything you want to improve. How tough is it to do that in just a few days coming here as the defending champion?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it's tough obviously. You know, there is a lot of things here that are very different to Madrid, so it's not -- I mean, it's not the same conditions. You're playing in altitude there where the ball is bouncing high, very lively there, and then you come here and it's sea level. It's much slower.

So it's quite a different way of playing here. It's more finding a way, I think, to adjust back to these conditions. You know, it's tough to necessarily analyze losses in a couple of days when you also are looking, you know, to the next tournament, but that's also sometimes a positive thing that you have another event to look forward to immediately. You get a chance to play better only four or five days after a tough match.

Q. Does it give you a big helping hand when you have won the tournament last year and you come back and you have memories to base it on, or is that irrelevant?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, I think a lot can change in 12 months. I mean, a lot can change in a week in tennis. Things, you know, can turn around very quickly. So I don't think that just because you do well the previous year means that you're going to have a good event the next year.

Just because you struggle somewhere one year doesn't mean you can't do great the next year. I don't think it has much impact on how well you do, but it shows that if you perform well, the conditions can suit your game and you can, you know, you can have a good run.

Hopefully I can do that.

Q. Fognini is currently a set up. What do you make of that draw? That's probably one of the toughest draws to have here.
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, a tough match. You know, potentially if he gets through that, you know, he's one of the better clay-court players, for sure. He obviously would be highly motivated, I would think, playing in Italy, as well.

You know, I have had some tough matches with him in the past, so it won't be easy. I will definitely need to play well in that one to have a chance of winning.

But, yeah, that's definitely a tough one to start off.

Q. You have been asked about your birthday already in Madrid, your 30th. I know you said you don't take much notice of birthdays. Do you take any more notice because it's a decade birthday or it's just irrelevant to you?
ANDY MURRAY: No, I was talking to my team about that a bit yesterday, and everyone sort of says, oh, when you're 30 or 40, like, they are huge birthdays. I have never found that with any birthday. I was saying to the guys in Madrid, the last time I was home on my birthday I was, like, 14.

I have always been traveling and never been around sort of family or friends on birthdays. They don't mean that much to me, for me. For my, like, for my daughter's first birthday, I can see why, for parents and stuff, you know, it's obviously a big deal. But for me, personally, I don't take too much notice of them.

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