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May 14, 2017

Ryan Getzlaf

Nick Ritchie

Anaheim, California - Postgame

Anaheim - 5, Nashville - 3

Q. Ryan, if you've got a team like that that comes at you with five players at once, the defense likes to move up into the rush, how do you turn that around and create odd-man rushes for you guys against their team?
RYAN GETZLAF: Well, we haven't had many. There hasn't been many odd-man rushes either way. You tend to try and take advantage of them. But they do a pretty good job. They've got a good skating back end that regroups and gets back together.

So try and look at our opportunities when they're there and not try and force things. Just play the game and play in front of them.

Q. Ryan, just seems like this group tends to do things the harder way and comes through when it absolutely needs to. Has there been a time when you kind of have gotten accustomed to that?
RYAN GETZLAF: I don't want to say we're doing things the hard way. We're in a Conference Final here. There's going to be no sweeps, no blowouts. Both teams are here for a reason. They're both playing hard.

And obviously we did a good job bouncing back after last game's performance. I thought, you know, the start of last game we weren't very good. We made a point of coming out and playing hockey tonight. We gave up two goals somehow. But our group's been able to just maintain the workman-like attitude and comeback hockey.

Q. Nick, your goal, the pass that Brandon gave you, seemed like it ended up right in your wheelhouse. Is that exactly where you wanted to put that shot in the corner like you did?
NICK RITCHIE: I think I was just trying to get the puck to the net and actually get the teammate a little tip pass in the middle that kind of messed their D up a little bit and I shot the puck to the net and it went in.

Q. Ryan, is there ever a point where you feel some pressure? You were down 2-0 to Edmonton. You lose two at home. You come back. You lose the first game here. Then you're down 2-0. Pekka is a pretty good goaltender. Is there ever a feeling, gee, something's not going right, or are you able to turn things around just by changing the attitude? What happened?
RYAN GETZLAF: That's just it. The group that we've come together here, we've tried to put that out of our mind.

And I keep going back to it, but I think we've built it to where we are. We have that confidence in our room that we're just going to keep the same mentality. We talk about it all the time. If we keep doing the same things, we're going to get rewarded.

Yes, at times it's easier said than done. But our group -- we have a belief that when we've done it in past. So you look back on those moments and it helps keep the group calm.

Q. Nick, your club's had a lot of success shooting up high on Pekka. Your goal to follow that plan, was that what you were aiming for?
NICK RITCHIE: I think I was just getting the puck to the net there. I guess we have scored a lot of goals high. He's obviously a butterfly goalie that goes down on most shots. If you hit it the right spot, it's on most goalies these days because they're all going down. I think I got lucky and got the puck up there.

Q. Ryan, with Kase on your line, what difference does that make in terms of everybody -- Randy's been moving the wingers around. What is he bringing and what are you seeing in him in terms of any growth during these Playoffs?
RYAN GETZLAF: "Growth" is a good word for it. I think he's learning on the go here. And he's playing a lot better every game.

He's earning his ice time for sure. Nothing is given to him on this team. Our group -- as a whole Randy has been doing a good job reading situations throughout games, having to adjust lines, do different things to get matchups, that stuff.

And we need guys to step up and play. And Kase has done a great job at moving his feet, getting in on the forecheck and being hungry on pucks. And for that, for me, working off me and Ritchie here that helps a lot for us.

Q. There's been so much talk in these Playoffs about the atmosphere in Nashville. I know it's going to be the crowd cheering against you in that case. But how excited are you to see what the atmosphere is like in Game 3?
NICK RITCHIE: Obviously my first Playoffs, I haven't necessarily played a game in Nashville. But I've seen games on TV and played there in the regular season. They'll have a pretty big crowd, obviously. We've been a good team on the road. We're just going in there and going to try to take care of business.

Q. Ryan, Randy was just in here and he said that getting the win tonight was huge. How much stock do you put into going back to Nashville with a split as opposed to 0-2?
RYAN GETZLAF: Again, we're trying to maintain the same mentality no matter what goes on in the series. But it's clear, you don't want to ever want to start two down going into a hostile building. Tough place to play.

And so we battled hard to get that win tonight. And it's good. But, again, it's another win. We've got to get four before they do. So it doesn't matter which ones you win.

Q. Ryan, I know you're used to playing with a lot of different linemates. And seems like they all seem to elevate their games when they get on your line. What goes into any of the adjustments before, or do you just say go out and say: This is what we're going to do; we've done this before, we're just going to go like that?
RYAN GETZLAF: Um, there's a few minor adjustments that I make, depending on who I'm playing with, whether it be Pers or Ricky or these guys.

I know when these kids come up and they're going to play, they're going to go hard. So I've got to get the puck down lower, skating down the wings, those kind of things.

But there's definitely a few little adjustments I make based on who is playing around me and what I need to do. But all in all, it's hockey. These guys are all playing, they're all great players, they're here for a reason. I try and work off them as best I can. And we've been getting some results.

MODERATOR: Thank you.

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