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May 14, 2017

Ryan Ellis

Calle Jarnkrok

Viktor Arvidsson

Anaheim, California - Pregame

Q. If you will, talk about the importance of even though you got Game 1, not being satisfied and the need to try to get a 2-0 lead tonight?
VIKTOR ARVIDSSON: Yeah, of course it's going to be a big game tonight. We want to go back 2-0 to Nashville and we have to be prepared to play hard again.

RYAN ELLIS: Yeah, I mean it's a big game. It's a big opportunity for ourselves. We gotta come out with the same energy we did last game and play a full 60.

Q. Ryan, how would you describe Phil Housley as a coach in terms of his approach with the defense and how he imparts his knowledge with that group?
RYAN ELLIS: I think the big thing with Phil, all our D, he thinks the same way we do when we're out there. He's got a brilliant mind for the game. He sees a lot of the plays we're either trying to make or the reads we're trying to make. Sometimes it doesn't work out. And sometimes it does.

So he's always that calming effect back there. And with all the knowledge and experience he has, it's easy just to listen and take what he says and apply to the game.

Q. Ryan, Peter said yesterday that he really liked your guys' game in Game 2 in Chicago. He didn't necessarily love the Game 2 in St. Louis, besides the obvious and the result. What has to be more like Chicago and less like St. Louis?
RYAN ELLIS: Just be hungry. I think we came out with, after we won Game 1 in Chicago we kind of had that mindset that we believed a little more in ourselves and I think we gotta go in with the same idea. We're here for a reason. We liked our game in Game 1 and need to apply it in Game 2.

Q. I don't know if we've seen it all year long, but your first centerline with Neal and Colton, spent a lot of time centering on the wing the other day. What did you see that you liked from that group?
CALLE JARNKROK: I just think we worked hard. That we're going to have to try to get better.

Q. Is that a challenge to a line, like, to put together like that, that you hadn't played all year? Was that a challenge or did you feel like the chemistry was there right from the start?
CALLE JARNKROK: I mean, that was two great players that play. We've just got to try to keep working. Obviously we can be a little bit better. But it's the first game we played together and we gotta keep working hard.

Q. Viktor, in that first game you guys stopped their -- their Kesler line. I'm sure you guys are used to seeing checking lines, you're used to seeing top line, but when you've got a two-wing line like that, that can stay in, that can check, does that keep you guys engaged? Do you like the two-way competition of that?
VIKTOR ARVIDSSON: Of course, they play hard. And that line is probably their go-to line, to be playing against top lines. And we knew we were going to see a lot of them. And we just gotta keep working and try to do our best to play our game.

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