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May 14, 2017

Adam Scott

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Start with some opening comments on your week.
ADAM SCOTT: Well, in the end I survived, I guess. It was a pretty tough week, very challenging. I think I played lots of good golf and now I get to digest how costly the double-double on Thursday was.

Overall there was lots of good stuff for me. My putting was really solid, bit shaky on the front nine today but then I putted well on the back nine. Overall, I'm fairly pleased, but for me I just am going to go away and work on how to solidify my long game. There's like 14 holes of good stuff tee to green and then there's four every day that are below my standard, and I would like to lift that up consistency wise to get it solid for the U.S. Open so I feel I can feature there.

Q. Was that finish on Thursday something that you just struggled to get out of your head over the next three days?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I let it go. 2-under was a good round out there and just have to get on with it. Maybe it killed a bit of momentum for Friday, because I battled a bit, I was out of sorts all day Friday, but then Saturday played really well and definitely could have got a couple more out of the round. I've got to put all these ones that I'm leaving out there down to my long game; 5-irons into par-5s from the fairway, making bogeys. That's less than ideal. I'm pretty sure if you looked at my par-5 stats this year, they're far below my usual standard.

Q. Nobody was able to get momentum at this point today or all week, there wasn't any long stretch. How different and difficult is the course playing with these conditions and wind and so forth?
ADAM SCOTT: Firmness probably makes it hard to just continually hit it close to get on a roll. You can get three or four good holes going, but then the pin will be tucked and the wind is not favorable and you have to decide you just play safe to 40 feet away and work hard to 2-putt. It's just the way this course is now with this kind of grass and also the wind being a big factor the last couple days. Mid 60s in these conditions is an unbelievable score. I don't think, unless it's calm, you're not going to see those really low, low rounds around here the way it is at the moment.

Q. Kim could break your record as the youngest champion here. What do you make of his game? His swing is often compared to yours. What do you know about him?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know too much, to be honest. Obviously a great player. I think I've heard his name awhile, so if he's still younger than 23, he's very, very good.

Q. Would you describe this golf course as uncomfortable as far as standing over certain shots?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, sometimes there's no bail-out area, there's no safe place, so it can certainly make you feel uncomfortable. I don't know what the best way to describe the golf course is. It's a hell of a test. It was kind of -- when it was built, it was his first stadium-style golf course; it was like a created golf course. There was nothing here, and all the mounding was created and it's quite severe, it's quite brutal, with just mounding around the green that's very severe, and the fact that you can end up on the downslope of one of these mounds to have to chip through a valley up to a green that slopes away from you, these things are -- it's a little bit contrived, but that's Pete Dye. I think that we're just going to have to figure out the best way to balance the green complexes with this kind of grass and run-offs and stuff. I think it was much more playable and user friendly with an overseed and bent greens with this kind of created mounding and severity of slope. They have tried to soften a lot of the slope, or they have had to soften a lot of slope on the greens and they have done a nice job at that, but I think they have to look at the areas around the greens to see how best to have a good challenge out there.

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