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May 13, 2017

Si Woo Kim

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about what went into you hitting driver on 14 on your second shot.
SI WOO KIM: I hit it a lot of times, really, on par-5s, hit a driver with no tee and I'm really comfortable with that. The lie was good and it was a hurting wind, uphill everything was comfortable, just hit it. I hit it good.

Q. But you can hit it off of that kind of lie off the deck?

Q. So all the confidence in the world that you could do that? Do you have confidence in yourself to hit that shot?
SI WOO KIM: I don't know where it was going, but I just hit it a lot every week and then I just feel comfortable off the deck hitting it.

Q. What did you think about the shot on 12 that hit the tree? What were you thinking when it started heading that way.
SI WOO KIM: 12? The wind was left-to-right a lot, so it's -- I tried to hit a draw, but just hit it straight. And then I hit it, something hit it, it kicked left. It was a good chance for eagle.

Q. Did you feel like you were lucky?
SI WOO KIM: Yeah. Sure.

Q. Your results have been not as good as you would have liked I'm guessing, what is it about this week that's made you play so well?
SI WOO KIM: My shot feels really good and I'm getting better starting, two week, three weeks before, and then, yeah, last two days probably not really good, but today better.

Q. Are you feeling healthy?

Q. The back and everything is okay now?

Q. You had a run of three birdies in four holes, how did that get you back into this tournament and what did you do on that four hole stretch?
SI WOO KIM: Just trying to be aggressive in these conditions.

Q. What was the key to putting up this number in these difficult conditions? How tough was it?
SI WOO KIM: Conditions? I think that this year it's better than last year. I played last year and Saturday was really crazy bumpy and then this year we had a chance to stop balls on the green. It plays easier this year.

Q. I saw you on the change with a Sean Foley. Are you working with Sean Foley?
SI WOO KIM: I'm starting this year in L.A. and then my ball goes really starting right first of the season and then after L.A. I've been getting better and better and now it's really, it feels good.

Q. Did you change anything to relieve your pain?
SI WOO KIM: Not really, but just getting treatment and then work hard. That's about it.

Q. Did you have a good number into 17? Did you feel pretty confident over that shot?
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, last year and this year I never made bogey yet, so I feel just comfortable. I hit it center green there.

Q. It kind of came back for you, too.
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I tried to hit it a little past the pin and then it came back, so it was a really good number.

Q. How good was the putt on 14? 81 feet Shot Link said. So, were you surprised you got it that close?
SI WOO KIM: I thought Monday when I played there when it was front to back it was rolling like three times, four times, I know where it's going, the lines.

Q. So you practiced that putt?
SI WOO KIM: Yeah, a fair amount.

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