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May 13, 2017

Ryan Getzlaf

Anaheim, California - Practice Day

Q. Your team has shown the ability to come back quite a bit in these playoffs, series-to-series, game-to-game. Is wasn't a strength in the regular season, but I see you pulling it off. Is that a concern for you or do you look at it as a strength when you're trailing in games?
RYAN GETZLAF: Well, it's always a strength I think if you can have the ability to just play through things not get side tracked on different things that are going on in the game, whether it's penalties, goals against, anything like that we have been able to kind of stick with our game plan and hopefully pull it off. Again last night obviously we didn't but it's about rebounding now and getting ready for tomorrow.

Q. Speaking of rebounding, Game 5 in the last round was an emotional one for you and Game 7 was obviously an emotional one for you. Do you feel like now with last night that from here on that the highs and lows that you guys have had recently, even from an emotional standpoint?
RYAN GETZLAF: Well, yeah, I felt like our team has dealt with it a lot better as we went along and obviously the last series there was a lot of ups and downs, different things going on, different game situations, so our group's been able to maintain that professionalism that we have wanted throughout the playoffs, so I expect nothing else tomorrow.

Q. With Cam playing more than 31 minutes last night what are the ways in which you see Cam's game developing?
RYAN GETZLAF: Cam's developed into being able to play in every situation, I think that's been the biggest thing. He came in the league as the young guy that mainly played on the offensive side of things and obviously we needed him to develop into that player that can take on both roles and be our No. 1 guy, and he's done that. So it's been very satisfying.

Q. Your thoughts on the power play right now.
RYAN GETZLAF: Well we're not scoring, that's the first thing that's missing, but I think a little bit of our execution's got to get better. We got to battle and feel a little bit hungry around the net and that's basically what every power play comes down to is you got to out work the other guys. Our power play has been a little bit touch and go. We have had a lot of looks that we liked but we're just not getting them in the net. That's how you change that, you get around the net, get a little bit hungry and get the pucks there.

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