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May 12, 2017

Randy Carlyle

Anaheim, California - Postgame

Nashville - 3, Anaheim - 2

Q. Do you think the extra rest for the Predators made a difference in this game?
RANDY CARLYLE: Well, it did in the first for sure. I don't know if we could look past our start. I think we were shot 12-1, something like that, and I think it was the first shot on net that we had, we scored a goal. But they kind of dominated us, and we didn't move our feet and get ourselves going, and then I thought we got ourselves back on track into the second and third period.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the lineup combination with Rakell, Thompson and Kase at times?
RANDY CARLYLE: Well, I just felt that we needed some kind of a shake-up down the middle, and that's what -- I went with that group before. Not so much Kase because he was out in the Calgary series, but it was more based upon I felt we needed a little bit of a change. I moved the wingers around a little bit, moved Ricky down with that group, and then moved Richie up, and I thought it gave us more balance and gave us an opportunity to play four lines.

Q. Randy, second half of the game is where you guys kind of showed yourselves well and got it together, and what about just the scoring chances and just Pekka made some big saves there.
RANDY CARLYLE: Well, he made some stops, and I think the energy level that we were able to muster up after the first period, and then it was tested with the full five-on-three for a full minute and a half, and that got everybody excited, got our building excited, got our players -- usually when those kind of things happen, you can take that energy and roll through the rest of the hockey game, and I thought we did that until we gave up a goal in overtime, and it's the first goal that we've given up in these Playoffs. And we've been fortunate to win two, and now it doesn't feel very good because I think we had a couple of scoring chances but we couldn't find the back of the net in overtime.

Q. Coach, what is it you'd like to do in Sunday's game to generate more scoring chances?
RANDY CARLYLE: Well, I don't think that we can afford to have the start that we had today. I think that the scoring chances, if you took the first period out of it, yeah, they had more because of the five-on-three, the full, as I said, minute and a half, but if you'd have took the first period out of it, we were pretty inept in what we were doing, and we were receiving the game, and our goaltender should get full credit for keeping us in the game. But Sunday we'll regroup. We'll turn the page on this one and get ourselves prepared for Sunday afternoon.

Q. You talked about killing the five-on-three. Philosophically what do you think of the automatic call on flipping over the boards?
RANDY CARLYLE: I'm a traditionalist. I think that it's a real tough penalty, you know, to be called. From my personal perspective, I would rather not see it in the game because it puts too much pressure in situations as we just experienced. Yeah, and we didn't get burnt by it tonight, but it definitely can make a difference maker, and you start talking about difference makers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and it can make the difference of going on and playing in the next round versus not.

Q. Randy, Neal put a pretty good hit there on Montour not too long before his goal. That hit itself okay or what did you think of it?
RANDY CARLYLE: I haven't really had a chance to review it. There were some other hits, the one hit along the fire boards where I thought he kind of jumped in the air and elbowed Manson, I think we were a little bit more upset with that, but I haven't had a chance to look at Montour hit.

Q. Did you feel that was worth a penalty at all?
RANDY CARLYLE: No, the elbow I thought was something that he got his hands up, but that wasn't -- I didn't really -- haven't got a chance to look at the Montour hit, and where he was and what was the position of the player. It's down in front of their bench, and you don't really get a good sight line from the bench when it's that close to their blue line and their bench.

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