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May 12, 2017

Jon Rahm

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Two birdies in the first three holes, finishing even par. How would you characterize your round today?
JON RAHM: Well, it's been up-and-downs. I didn't miss a shot on the first three holes. They were all pretty much perfect, and my expectations got really high real quick, and I think that's what got me a little bit on the last few holes. I think I stroked it beautifully off the tee, a little better than yesterday, and just wasn't able to take advantage of a couple of those drives. 16 I had a 9-iron in and wasn't able to make the birdie putt. Hang in there, good finishing birdie, even par round. This golf course is always a course that we all work on, so it's good momentum going into the weekend.

Q. We know you as an emotional player. We saw some emotion out there today. How does that emotion fuel or harm your game?
JON RAHM: You know, maybe a little more than I should have. I let go a little yesterday. It affected me I would say on -- maybe on 8 tee box. I hit my tee box, I swung a little faster and I was a little more tense than I probably wanted, but it helped me out on No. 6 and 7. 6, I hit a great 50-footer, almost went in, and 7, I made my par putt, and it helped certainly to hit a really long drive on 9. Sometimes it doesn't help because I get too much tension going on, and it happened on 8 throughout the whole. Once I got to 9 tee I forgot about it. I knew it wasn't the greatest dynamic, so I reversed it and made birdie. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. Yesterday it helped out. Today, not so much towards those holes. It's something I like to do, I just let it go a little too much.

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