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May 12, 2017

Webb Simpson

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Quick overview of your round today, five birdies, I think, looked like it was a pretty solid round.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, pretty solid on the front, the back was a little tough because the wind started blowing. I had to make a bunch of par putts, even a bogey putt on 14. This course will test you and I think my caddie and I got to make a few adjustments if the wind's going to blow like this, this weekend and hopefully I won't miss as many greens.

Q. How does the firmness and just conditions compare to other years? Seems like it's a lot crisper for Thursday and Friday.
WEBB SIMPSON: It is. I think with the greens being new and then the wind starts blowing, it starts messing with you a little bit. Balls were releasing two or three times as much as normal. So this afternoon's going to be challenging for the guys, we'll see what the weather holds tomorrow, but it's definitely more firm.

Q. What does that look like as far as pursuing on the weekend? Are you going to be a little more patient than softer conditions?
WEBB SIMPSON: For sure. If we don't get any rain, even par's a good round. So, for sure, years past you might need to go out and shoot 3- to 5-under but around here anything under par is a good score.

Q. People tell me your putter was getting a bit hot today.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it was better. I made an adjustment earlier this week and it's paying off. It proved to me that the 6-, 8-footers are huge, because if I miss a couple of them in the middle of the round, I lose momentum. But I made them and I kept going.

Q. What was that adjustment that you made?
WEBB SIMPSON: Just setup. I'm always -- I think the reason I'm putting a little better is I'm being more open minded with changing stuff and tweaking stuff. And that's important in this game and I think for awhile there I was just trying to do it one way.

Q. One of your better positions I think for 36 here, what's, anything different about how you're approaching the golf course?
WEBB SIMPSON: Not really. I'm trying to be a little more assertive, if I had to say anything. Pace of play is long around here but I think it's because guys are thinking about the wind, the water, the firmness. So, in that, I'm just trying to be a little more committed once I make a decision.

Q. What's the key to kind of hanging in there? You see so many guys make four or five birdies in a row and then all of a sudden they come back. Is this really a mental game out there today?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I think that you can have a good round making two or three bogeys, so my game plan around here is to try to not make any doubles, try to leave the big numbers away because, even if you make a couple bogeys, there's plenty of birdie holes when you get to the par-5s, there's three of them, so, yeah, just staying patient knowing that birdie runs are coming.

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