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May 12, 2017

Webb Simpson

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. You're in the mix heading into the weekend. What are you doing through 36 holes better than you have in years past?
WEBB SIMPSON: Just putting. I made a lot of putts the last two days. You're going to have plenty of times around this golf course each round where you got to make 6-, 8-, 10-footers for par and I had a few of those especially on the back nine today and that kind of kept the round going. I think in years past that's probably been the difference.

Q. Last year maybe you didn't have the best year or season that you wanted, but you bounced back, top 40 in the FedExCup standings, seen a little more consistency in your game. How important is it to have that confidence knowing that what you're working on is paying off?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's a blessing that we get to play every week, but at the same time it's been an up-and-down year in terms of results. I feel like I'm getting better, I feel like the game is better. I had a great finish at Phoenix, but that's what we're after. We want to play golf like Jim Furyk, play good every week and just be consistent. It's easier on your mind when you're playing pretty well every week versus having to press to make the cut. So I'm trying to be there more often.

Q. Really good stuff out of you putting, is that the key to this good start?
WEBB SIMPSON: For sure. You're going to have, have to make those putts for par around here. It's hard to hit all the fairways and greens, so you know you're going to be tested. The wind kicked up early in the round really, we were hoping to get nine holes with no wind but the back nine played tough and making those 6- to 10-footers kept the round going.

Q. What was the adjustment for you? It's been something you've constantly been working on, the ball striking is fine and a forte, but what changes are there with the putting that's got you in this position?
WEBB SIMPSON: I've been more open minded to changing, to tweaking. I've always been open minded with the full swing so I thought, why do I get so closed minded with the putting, why not try a few different things, kind of a "who cares" mentality. We tweaked a few things with setup, with the grip, with the routine even and found something that's been good.

Q. Geoff Ogilvy used to say to me you want to put the same importance on every single shot and it seems like it's paying off with the putting.
WEBB SIMPSON: That's the key, you can't step up on any tee and think, this tee shot's big or this putt's big. Telling yourself that one shot at a time is the most important thing and that kind of helps you relax.

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