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May 12, 2017

Rafa Cabrera Bello

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Q. Difficult conditions, but no problem it seems like for you. When you look back at your round, can you pick out one or two things that you did well?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: Well, overall I think that today I stayed more patient than yesterday. Yesterday I started out very good on the front nine and then in a way just couldn't wait to really finish the round. Maybe made a few bad swings on the back nine and didn't score so good my last few holes. But today was the exact opposite, I started playing good, just missing some shots not giving myself many clear birdie chances. Hitting many greens, but not really, really close. And then the last 13 holes it really changed, I started playing more solid, and I gave myself more chances and did hole some. So the biggest difference was maybe a bit of patience.

Q. For our viewers, they like to understand what patience means on this golf course. Define it for us.
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: Well, I think patience kind of like means the same in every golf course. It's just trusting yourself, sticking to your game plan and kind of just staying in the moment, not thinking what has happened or not thinking on what is yet to come, just knowing that you're here for a reason and that you can play good, so just trust in yourself and believe in, believe that it will happen.

Q. You're at least in the mix heading into the weekend, does anything change for you mentally or emotionally as we move closer to Sunday?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: No, emotionally I'm just happier to be playing good, of course, and not really chasing from behind. But there's still a lot of golf to play and anything can happen, but what I learned from playing over here more often this year is that you might be thinking that you're top-10 and you just play one bad hole and all of a sudden you drop down to 30th. So anything really can happen, the level is very high, so just stick on the foot of the accelerator and try never to look back.

Q. Tell me how it feels to walk off the green tied for the lead. It's only 36 holes, but how does it feel right now?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: It feels great, especially because of my good finish now, I birdied 6, 7 and 9, that obviously puts a smile on anyone's face. But beyond that I felt I played good again, I was in control of my round. I felt yesterday I also played good, perhaps kind of was a little anxious to get in yesterday, trying to put the good score, and maybe hit a few sloppy swings on the back nine. But today was kind of the opposite, I really stayed patient, I was enjoying every second I was there and I was happy with the birdies that came at the very end.

Q. Is the golf course playing hard today and do you think it will play harder this afternoon?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: I really think it will play harder this afternoon. The winds are forecasted to pick up quite severely. I know for my draw yesterday in the afternoon it was a little breezier, for sure, and firmer, the greens, and I think the general scoring was scoring like a stroke and a half tougher. So we'll have to wait to see at the end of the day what really happens, but, yeah, I'm glad I'm done.

Q. Great finish today. Three birdies in your final four holes. Did you find something?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: Not really. I just stayed patient, I just happened to hit good shots, I think. There were holes that you could give yourself the opportunities and I did that and was happy to score. Obviously three birdies in the last four holes puts a big smile on anyone's face.

Q. This is your second start here at THE PLAYERS, does that help you, too?
RAFA CABRERA BELLO: Yes, of course, I came here, obviously it's a very difficult course, it's very tricky, the more rounds you play, you learn something new on every round. They made it harder this year, they made a few more changes, and, yeah, obviously I'm feeling more and more comfortable around here so the more rounds, the better.

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