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May 12, 2017

Marc-Anthony Fleury

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Practice Day

Q. Marc, the opportunity here to let go of what you guys just did and accept the challenge of the new series?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: Yeah, that was an emotional series. It was a long one, a tough one. It's great to win it, but it's a quick turnaround, and we're facing another good team tomorrow. Got to start fresh.

Q. What's the challenge of turning the page and getting over that last series?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: I think just a few days in between games. I think you kind of get used to it in the playoffs. You need to have short memories, good, bad, or indifferent. You just have to be ready to go for the next game, and that's all.

Q. Marc, who or what gets your attention when you look at the Ottawa team you're facing?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: I think what -- the system. They're a patient team. They'll wait for their break. And the force, got some skills up front. Obviously, Karlsson on the "D" side. But they have a few forwards that can score some goals.

Q. How much fun has this been for you to be able to play all these games, start all these games, and have this kind of success in the postseason?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: It's been good. I've really enjoyed it. I try to look around and enjoy every moment of it, enjoy the atmosphere in the buildings, the intensity of the games. When you're winning, it's always a lot more fun, too.

Q. Did you think this was going to happen in this two-goalie system? Did you think you'd ever have this opportunity again?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: I don't know. I tried to not overthink it, just go one day at a time. That was my thinking all year long. You never know. Things can turn around quickly, so you've always got to be ready.

Q. You've beaten two of the best teams in hockey to get to this point. Is overconfidence a fear at all with this Penguin hockey team, the fact that you've beaten such good teams and now you're playing a team that isn't as highly ranked?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: I don't know. I think we can't get caught into a door. It was nice, like you said, we beat two good teams, but Ottawa is a good team. You can only look at the regular season points and brush it off in the playoffs because they're good teams. They're going to be a good challenge for us.

Q. A little while ago, Jim Rutherford called you the best team player in all of sports. Can you talk a little bit about the support you've gotten from the rest of this team?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: Yeah, I tell my teammates all year long they've been great, they've been awesome. The staff, the equipment staff, the front office guys, they've all been very supportive and encouraging. It makes the journey more easy.

Q. Where does that come from? Since a lot of us have known you, you've been a really team-first guy, a guy that tries to represent yourself that way. Is that something from the way you were raised? Where does that come from?
MARC-ANTHONY FLEURY: I don't know. I guess it's how I've been taught. Playing hockey, it's always been a team game. If everybody's doing good on their own, then our team's going to be successful. There's not one individual bigger than the team. It's all about winning as a team.

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