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May 11, 2017

Clark Teuscher

Laurie Bollig

Wendy Mayer

Will Roleson

CLARK TEUSCHER: Good afternoon, and welcome to the ninth and final installment of the 2016, 2017 CoSIDA Continuing Education Series sponsored by Capital One. My name is Clark Teuscher. I'm the sports information director at North Central College and the chair of the CoSIDA Continuing Education Committee. I'll be moderating today's webinar as we provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of your experience at this year's CoSIDA convention in Orlando, Florida.

The webinar is being recorded and will be made available, along with a full FastScript from CoSIDA's official transcript provider, ASAP Sports, used exclusively at CoSIDA Connect. Presenting on today's webinar are CoSIDA Associate Executive Direct and convention coordinator, Will Roleson; CoSIDA Director of Membership Engagement, Laurie Bollig; and Wendy Mayer, Vice Chair of the CoSIDA Continuing Convention Programming Committee. We'll being today's discussion with Will Roleson, who will give us the lay of the land for this year's convention at the World Center Marriott. Will?

WILL ROLESON: Thank you, Clark. Good morning or good afternoon, everyone, depending on where you are. Look forward to everyone joining us next month in Orlando. It'll be here before we know it. As a matter of fact, a month from today exactly is the first day of the convention on Sunday June 11th.

You see here before you some information on registering. Registration does close tomorrow, midnight Eastern. So we look forward to everyone joining us. Registration is up a little bit from previous years, so we look forward to having a great group with us in Orlando. And please note that the CoSIDA.com/2017 Convention web page can get you just about everything you need to know on the convention. All the links are based off that site as a convention home page.

The Orlando World Center Marriott, again, is our host hotel. We were there for three years in a row prior to going to Dallas last year. Main hotel is sold out, as many of you have probably heard. That happened within the first day we opened registration back in early February. There are very, very limited rooms remaining at the Marriott Village properties, and we will let everyone know if there are additional plans after that. The key is that there are shuttles throughout the day starting very early morning through the later evening hours to the main hotel there at the Orlando World Center Marriott, and the Village's properties are just a couple miles away. So very convenient for those folks who may not have been able to get into the main hotel.

The CoSIDA app is where you can find everything you need to know about the convention. Again, like last year, we will not be doing a printed pocket schedule as we've done in years past. That will launch in early June, as you see there, around June 5th, partnering with our corporate partners at Sports Systems. The big news related to the app this year is that you'll be able to personalize your convention schedule, highlighting or starring those events that you want to attend, and that's all that will pop up in your personalized version of the app. So we're glad to debut that. There will also be additional information. Last year we just had the base schedule. This year we'll include detailed information on each panel as well as each of the speakers that are participating in each of our events.

Wi-Fi access, again, is complimentary throughout the hotel, including the sleeping areas and convention properties, as has been done in years past. There will be log-ins and pass codes available when you arrive, so you don't have to worry about paying any extra fees. CoSIDA and NACDA and our partners are pleased to be able to offer that to everyone in attendance.

Again, I mention the shuttles a little bit ago. There will be the shuttles between the Marriott Villages, which again is the SpringHill, the Courtyard and the Fairfield^ Hotels and the World Center Marriott. So that is a great opportunity to get back and forth, even multiple times throughout the day, if need be, and that shuttle service will be available very soon on the CoSIDA web page. There will be some special parking rates for anyone who chooses to drive in from a local school or is otherwise staying at another property and wants to drive back and forth each day. More information on that will be forthcoming very soon.

And finally, some luncheons here: The CoSIDA Hall of Fame luncheon is Monday June 12th at noon. We will present the ^ Hall of Fame Awards, Lifetime Achievements, the Jake Wade Award. Maria Taylor, who was our emcee last year, will join us again, and we think this is certainly one of the highlights of the entire convention to honor some of our own.

Another couple opportunities here. The lunch break on Tuesday, again, in the exhibit hall as we've done the last year or two, a grab-and-go lunch while we have the exhibit hall open. You can continue to visit our exhibitors. We will have product feeders going on early that morning and later that day, and then the annual business meeting will be at 12:45 as you see there.

And then the special awards luncheon on Wednesday, the second of our two big luncheons, we're going to present the balance of our awards. You see them listed in front of you there. Again, a great opportunity to honor some of the best in our business, and we all look forward to that event on an annual basis.

With that I will turn it over to Wendy. Wendy?

WENDY MAYER: Thanks, everyone, for joining us. I get to talk about the fun stuff. We all love learning and all that kind of thing, but the down time and the time to let our hair down is really kind of what a lot of us go there for as well. We'll have the big kickoff reception on Sunday with the Academic All-American Hall of Fame ceremony, which I'll talk about later to follow. And then ESPN at the Pool. I mean who doesn't like the pool? It's quite a nice pool there, if you haven't been there in Orlando.

We'll have the Women Leaders in College Sports, which used to be called NACWAA, ^ will be joining us for a reception on Tuesday. And then, of course, the big exhibit hall reception on Tuesday night where. Where we get to wander around and see everything that all the other people are there at NACDA looking at, from event management to facilities to marketing, et cetera. So I encourage you to take that one in. It's always really good food, and really interesting to see what everyone else has to offer.

Then speaking of exhibit halls, we have our own exhibit for CoSIDA. It's on a smaller scale. It's much more applicable to what we do. As you see on there, stat crew will be there, which is always good if you have questions, no matter what sport. Monica is usually there, and she's amazing, and she'll help you figure out any glitches in the system you've had. Several different sponsors will be there, website companies, ticketing companies. Stretch Internet is always a fun interaction there. Just lots of different things, from archiving to websites to stats, et cetera. So definitely check that out, take home some cards, especially if you're looking to change what you guys are doing.

Then I can personally endorse this one. The CoSIDA Fun Run and Walk. I will warn you it might be humid and hot, but it's always a good time. Fast or slow, run or walk, doesn't matter. Everyone is always encouraging, whether it's people handing out water or the people actually running the race beside you. It is at 6:30 am. You did read that correctly. We do have our big NACMA joint session is at 8, so make plans accordingly. You can do both. But I encourage you to do the run, if only to come out and cheer on the other people, because at 6:30 a.m. we all need it. And you get a really cool t-shirt. So don't miss out on that. You can register online through the CoSIDA website.

And related to that, all the money from the Fun Run also goes towards our community service project with the Samaritan's Feet. That will take place this year at Front Line Outreach. There are still signups available for that. We encourage you to do that. You do have to miss some of the programming for the day, but it's a really awesome outreach. You get to go and give people new shoes that have maybe never had them, work with a lot of children, different things like that. Samaritan's Feet is a great organization and it's just a great opportunity to kind of take a break and give back, and that's one of the exciting things that CoSIDA has really embraced the last few years, and we encourage you to be a part of that. You can also register for that online CoSIDA.com through the convention page or through the CoSIDA Cares part of the website.

Then the leadership forum, as Will mentioned, our general attendance is going to be up this year. We also encourage, especially those that are SIDs who think that they're wanting to move into leadership roles or are currently in leadership roles, administration. Several things happening with that. Several speakers that are really going to offer their opinions on everything from crisis communication to creating a culture to media. Chris Lukaka from ESPN is going to speak on that; Steve Kirschner from North Carolina, just different people that are pros in their field that are in our field and the media area, et cetera, that are going to share their experiences and really be able to help you build the office structure that you want and environment that you want.

And I'm going to toss it to Laurie, who's going to talk about actually our first speaker of the convention who's going to kind of set the tone for us.

LAURIE BOLLIG: Thank you, Wendy. Thanks, everybody, for participating. We're really excited that you're on the call. I get to introduce today Alana Muller, who is our keynote on Sunday. Alana is a very high-energy networker. If you can imagine, she's made networking her career, which is a pretty good gig. But what she does is she explains why it's important, how to do it and really maybe more -- well, much more importantly for me, how to be comfortable doing it. So in her keynote she'll give very practical tips for how to be a networker.

As an example, wear your name tag, what questions to have ready when you're approaching somebody you want to meet, things like that. So attending this session you'll come away with some very good strategies for how to work the room. And there are several opportunities to work the room at CoSIDA at our different social events. And then I would also promote Alana is going to have a speed networking session on Monday night right before one of our social events. So come to that and get a chance to meet, gosh, probably come away with at least seven or eight new contacts of people that you didn't know before the convention. So I encourage that.

And then Monday is another great opportunity, and we're extremely excited to have Jack Ford kick off our Divisional Day. So we'll all be together at first on Monday morning. Jack is a CBS News reporter and a correspondent for "60 Minutes Sports," and if you've ever seen him talk, he is a huge advocate of student-athletes and the stories that they have. So we're very excited to have him.

WENDY MAYER: And then I'll hop back on and talk to you about Divisional Day. If you haven't participated in our Divisional Day programming, you are missing out. And that's not just because you can go to programming that's applicable to whatever school or conference or setup that you're used to. You can also go to the Division I programming if you're interested. If you are a Division I person and you want to see how the other half lives, per se -- I've learned a ton from the Division III, Division II folks, just because they have to streamline it, because they don't have an eight-person office to handle 17 sports; they have two people, so they have to really figure out how to do it. So I've really learned a lot from there.

There's no sign on the door that says Division III only. Really take a chance and look at what's available for your division or your conference office or junior college or whatever you might be at. But also, go and explore and meet some of those other people, and that'll also help you kind of with the networking thing that we're going to learn about from Alana. So really, I encourage you to embrace Divisional Day. It's there for you, to be geared towards you so you can't come away saying, hey, I didn't see anything that applied to me, because it's geared directly towards where you're at. So I encourage you to embrace Divisional Day.

And then another thing we want to talk about is what is new, and that's something we've really worked hard for from the programming end to give you things you haven't seen before, to bring you speakers and new faces that you haven't seen before, because we all know that Oregon and Clemson are amazing in social media, but did you know there's other schools that are doing it and for a lot less money. We're going to offer you those people. We're putting those people in front of you this year and giving you that opportunity.

We're going to have social media sessions on Tuesday with NACMA. We start with our 8 a.m. session, I already mentioned. It's going to be Jess Smith, who's at Under Armour, who also you know from her social and sport blog. She's amazing. She's going to talk about pretty much everything. We also have a speaker, David Herman, who's coming from Twitter, so if you have Twitter questions, he's your guy. And then Alison Overhalt, who is actually at ESPN The Magazine and espnW, is going to talk as well, especially with all of the things they've been through lately, how they've handled that on social, how they've handled their magazine publicity, how they come up with content for different platforms, et cetera. And then later on that day we'll have some breakout sessions that will give you some clear pictures of different things that are relating to social media, relating to branding, relating to developing different things that you need as tools within your department.

Another thing we're doing differently this year, some of you remember table topics where we all sat in a big room and had different tables you could walk around to. Well, this year we're switching it up; we're calling them trending topics. They're going to be little 20-minute, quick-hitting things. You can go to probably four of them in the time span that we have; I think we have 90 minutes for that, and you can just go to different rooms, learn about the different things you want to learn about from people that are specialized in that. It's going to be everything from podcasts to do's and don'ts of Halls of Fame and game programs, et cetera. So really just offering you the opportunity to learn in little bite-size pieces so you're not in a session for 45 minutes to an hour or longer.

Another thing we're doing this year is the classroom sessions we've had in the past have been really successful. A lot of you have expressed an interest in wanting things to be very hands on and being able to have your computer in front of you, learn how to edit video, learn how to do Photoshop better, learn how to do all these things, and bam, you're going to have it. We actually, this year, in addition to having just a general session for each, we're actually having three sessions for each topic. We're going to have a beginner's session, an intermediate session and an advanced session for each topic. So you'll be able to go in at the same time, learn on your skill level, do it right alongside the speaker in a classroom setting and ask your questions. So again, that's video editing, Photoshop and it's also social media. So you'll be able to really pick up on your own skill level. So I encourage you to go to those.

We also have several what we're calling idea lounges, which is where there's two topics that are semi related that are going to be presented at the same time. We have a writing one that's going to deal with features as well as writing for the web. Everyone is dealing with that these days, how do I better reach my audience without doing a 500-word essay for each recap. So I encourage you to go to those things. But again, the idea is to really make it interactive, to make the sessions shorter so you can feel free to ask questions and learn the things that you are interested in, in addition to hearing what the experts and speakers want to say.

On the NACDA side of things, which since we joined with NACDA, we do have the ability to go to some of their sessions. These are two of the featured sessions that they have. Chris Howard should be very interesting. He's a university president, but he also really gets what we do. He was an athlete. He's an Academic All-America Hall of Fame member. He's part of the College Football Playoff Committee, which we all want to know about because it's a mystery to some of us.

And then John Skipper coming in as the president of ESPN, I mean especially given the situations that they've gone through lately. And again, they're one of our biggest advocates. He's going to talk not just to us, but to the body as a whole of athletic staff about how we can better reach our audience through that.

And then finally, I mentioned it earlier, the Academic All-America Hall of Fame ceremony is always a good time. These four women are going to be recognized. Heather O'Reilly, you might recognize from Team USA, if you saw the soccer at all. Stephanie White had a great career in the WNBA and is also a collegiate coach. So kind of runs the gamut. It's always an interesting time because you learn about people you didn't know about or about their athletic side, and all of these people have excelled both academically and athletically, which is what we at CoSIDA really embrace.

So I encourage you it's open to you. It's Sunday night. You get to go to the reception first, and then you get to come hang out, listen to Rece speak and introduce everybody. Dick Enberg will be there, which is always a good time. Just really encourage you to kind of embrace what CoSIDA is about and really participate in the Academic All-America Hall of Fame.

And now I'm going to toss it back to Laurie and she's going to talk about mentoring and all the opportunities that are available there.

LAURIE BOLLIG: Thanks, Wendy, and thanks for the plug on the Academic All-America Hall of Fame. Every year I think, oh, God, another one of these, and then I come away at the end of the night thinking I can't wait for them to get the video up on the website so that I can take it home and show my kids. It's phenomenal; phenomenal event, phenomenal people every year. And Rece Davis does just a great job of leading us through that.

So I'm going to talk about mentorship. Right now we have a signup online. You can go to CoSIDA.com and there's a link that will take you to a survey where you can put in your name, your division, your, you know, what kind of -- do you want to be a mentor, mentee, you know, some preferences; if you're a female and you want a female mentor, you can suggest that. So last year -- this is the third year of the program. Last year we had over 50 mentor-mentee pairs, which was fantastic participation. We are in strong need of Division I mentors. We are also in need of female mentors and mentors of color. So I would ask you if you fall into one of those categories, to consider signing up as a mentor, or if you know someone that you think might be a good mentor or mentee, just go ahead and suggest that and send them to CoSIDA.com for that information. Thank you.

CLARK TEUSCHER: Thank you very much, Laurie. We do have a question for Will. Can you tell us a little bit about availability and access to the NACDA and other affiliate panels for CoSIDA attendees?

WILL ROLESON: Yes. Just want to remind everyone and really emphasize that one of the great things of being in conjunction with NACDA and its affiliates is that for the most part we can attend their programming and they can attend ours, with the exception of the food service event, because there is cost issues with that; plus we'll be joining them Tuesday night for their NACDA exhibit hall social on their second night.

Again, all the panels that say NACDA or CABMA, the business managers that any of the other groups have, unless it's specifically marked in the program as being closed or by invitation only is open to our members with our badge or credential just as they can come to any of ours. And we really encourage that back-and-forth dialogue. We've been doing this since we joined with them four years ago, our first year in Orlando. Still, at times there seems to be some confusion about what people can go to and whether they're limited only to CoSIDA programming or vice versa, and that is certainly not the case. Again, with few limited exceptions everything is open back and forth. So if you see something on a schedule for one of the other groups, MOAA or CABMA or NACMA or NAADD or any of those groups, jump right in and take part in it.

Again, we've got 5,000-plus people in attendance, some great programming throughout. You'll also see we have some ADs and some marketing folks on some of our panels. There are some CoSIDA members who are participating at others' request on their panels so they can learn more about media operations or student-athlete engagement or things that SIDs will have an expertise in, so^ please take advantage of that, and if you hear anybody say, hey, I wish I could go to that, please tell them that in most cases, yes, you can. Clark?

CLARK TEUSCHER: Thank you, Will. We continue to appreciate Capital One sponsorship of the Continuing Education Series. The recording of today's webinar and the ASAP Sports FastScript will be available for on-demand use exclusively at CoSIDA Connect later today. Once again, we invite all attendees to continue today's discussion in preparation of the convention at CoSIDA Connect. That's where all the continuing education resource library and materials continue to reside. Mobile users can download the CoSIDA Connect app on iTunes or Google Play. More information on the mobile app can be found at CoSIDA Connect and CoSIDA.com. If you still need to register for the convention, you can do so through the day tomorrow. You can find all the necessary materials to do so at CoSIDA.com. Thanks to everyone for participating. Have a great day.

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