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May 9, 2017

Pablo Carreno Busta

Madrid, Spain

B. PAIRE/P. Carreno Busta

6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish, please.

Q. Do you think the conditions here are very different to Estoril? Did it affect you today?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Well, the conditions are very different, for sure. Not being capable of training a single day before the match, something I've noticed, especially when returning his serves, the altitude is something that makes a difference here in Madrid.

It was very difficult to get in the game. Perhaps there were some moments where I played quite well, but I didn't feel comfortable in any part of the match.

Well, we have to move on.

Q. After making it to the final last year, you are very tired. Do you think that also has something to do with today's loss?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: I think more than feeling tired from last week is maybe I feel a little bit sore from last week. It was a very hard week, last week. I came here a little bit sore.

Perhaps I had a few issues. For example, yesterday I had to visit the doctor. I wasn't able to train. As I said before, also the altitude makes a difference here.

But last week was not so hard. Even though I made it to the final, I played four matches in a row, perhaps three-hour matches, doesn't mean I was really tired. I'm not so tired. I think other things made me lose today.

Q. Playing at home, is there more pressure?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: No, I didn't feel any more pressure because I was playing at home. At the end of the day when you play a match in these kind of tournaments, you always have pressure. I think I'm coping quite well with the pressure.

No, I didn't have any extra pressure because I was playing here in Madrid. No, no extra pressure.

Q. After this loss, how do you look forward to Roland Garros?
PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Well, right now I think I'm going to go home. I'll rest. I'll take care of myself. I'll try to solve my physical problems. If I manage to make it to Rome in the right conditions, I will play. Of course, Rome and Roland Garros are really important tournaments, where I need to be at 100% to be able to win matches.

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