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May 4, 2017

Kevin Durant

Oakland, California: Game Two

Jazz - 104, Warriors - 115

Q. 15 free throw attempts for you tonight, was it hard to get to the line?
KEVIN DURANT: I was just playing. I think 11 rebounds is more of a telling stat, you know, getting the ball off the glass, trying to push and get some opportunities for my team. I was able to get someone on one situations and transition to get to the free-throw line. So continue to be aggressive and keep playing with an offense. It's a good all around win for us.

Q. Was that about the best you think you've played with that small lineup once André came in early in the third quarter? You went on that run. Was that about the best you've felt you guys all together fit?
KEVIN DURANT: I haven't really thought about that. We played well. I think we did a good job of communicating on defense. We got out and we rebounded. I think that's the biggest thing with that group is that we're so small. We all got to help on rebound. I think we did a solid job on in that area.

Our crowd was great tonight. We fed off that energy. Defensively we were pretty good. They made some tough ones over us. Made too many threes, I think. But for the most part we did a good job of keeping our men in front and helping each other. So we've got to be even better out on the road in Utah. We know it's going to be a hostile environment.

Q. Kevin, we've watched you over the course of the year, and we noticed you can be critical of yourself at times. Where did you look at yourself tonight? How do you feel you guys played? The game got close and you guys would expand it every single time. How do you break down this game?
KEVIN DURANT: It's game 2. They're looking to steal one. First game doesn't really matter at all. So we were going to come out with a different mindset, more energy, and that's what they did, made shots tonight. They were aggressive on the defensive end. I think they did -- it was them fouling a lot when they were trying to get out in transition to mess up our rhythm. So that was definitely just a different game.

But we've got to continue to be who we are. I think, like you said, when they kind of closed the lead down they did a good job of just being poised and making the correct play and getting stops. That's just the name of the game. Especially in game 2 when a team is desperate.

Q. Individually you are pretty good. I remember at the end of the regular season after you returned and after you played a few games, you said you still can play better and you still have room for improvement. Now after a few games in the Playoffs, do you mentally, physically feel 100% or still can become better?
KEVIN DURANT: I feel like I can be better. Physically I feel good. I'm still getting my legs under me a little bit. But I feel like I shot great shots tonight. I feel like if I get those same shots again, I like my chances with those. And I was aggressive. I just wanted to rebound and get to the free-throw line. I think I did a solid job tonight, but I think I can always be better. I think that's what every player's mindset is.

So I'm just going to watch film and see where I can help the team out even more, and just try to get a win in Game 3.

Q. There were two plays in this game that kind of shifted momentum towards your side. Both times it was in connection with Iggy. The first time he did the behind the back. You got the dunk. Then the last one you found him out of the double team for the lay-up. Can you talk about what those two plays meant?
KEVIN DURANT: They were big. He's always -- feels like he's always in the right spot and always making those game-changing plays for us. It may not be a three or a dunk, but his deflections or keeping the ball inbounds or passing up a lay-up to get somebody else a shot, that goes a long way.

He just played so well with everybody. So he's one of those guys we rely on just to bring energy and make winning plays. He continues to do that every single night. He's been playing great for us. Me and him play. We have a nice connection as well.

So we just try to feed off of Dray, and he brings that energy for us off the bench. We definitely need it.

Q. How deflating are the Draymond Green threes when you think his game plan is to give him that and he hits four in the first quarter?
KEVIN DURANT: Well, he can shoot the ball, so it's definitely, I'm sure, deflating for them when you'd rather give that up instead of Klay, myself and Steph. But he's an All-Star. He can play. I know he's a defensive player first, but he's worked a lot on his game.

So we need him to continue to play this way, especially shooting that three-pointer. But more so than that, just his energy, his drive to the basket which were good tonight and his passes. We need them more than anything. But when he makes threes, that definitely helps us out.

Q. There was a sequence tonight, the score as 57-68, they kind of closed it in. You got a rebound, drove the length of the court and went down. It looked to some of us like you could do that every time if you wanted. Why did you choose to do it then? Do you think about doing it every time? Tell me about that play.
KEVIN DURANT: I was just trying to grab the rebound. We always preach pace, pace. I grab a rebound, and I know I can gallop up the floor a little faster than some other guys. I just try to use my length and my passing ability to make plays, and also my scoring ability to get to the rim and get fouled.

So I just try to be aggressive in those situations. I feel comfortable in the open court. But if I wanted to do that, I've got to rebound a little bit better. So that's just how it is. That's the name of the game for our team. We get the rebound, we all push and try to find each other in transition. So if I get the opportunities, I have to be aggressive.

Q. (No Microphone)?
KEVIN DURANT: If I'm going to rebound, yeah. Yeah, open court, like I said, I feel comfortable, and I've got to do a better job rebounding if I want to do it.

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