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May 4, 2017

Quin Snyder

Oakland, California: Game Two

Jazz - 104, Warriors - 115

Q. Coach, what went okay in the beginning of the third quarter that made you guys (No Microphone) a little bit?
QUIN SNYDER: I think the game has an ebb and a flow, and they blitzed us so strong early. Felt like we were just, you know, we had a little more of an edge, we were more aggressive. But that's, you know, it's a game of runs, and that happened to be one of our runs.

It wasn't anything -- well, there were a few things we talked about at halftime. I thought our execution was a little better offensively. They got better throughout the game. But with some of it with them, is they missed a couple and you're able to make a couple and you catch up a little bit, but you have to sustain it.

Q. Quin, what was Gordon able to figure out there towards the end of the game? He finished with 33 points and got things together?
QUIN SNYDER: Yeah, I think he got more aggressive. His reads were better. Sometimes you're not going to be open for very long, and if you're waiting to be more open, you don't get that opportunity. Especially against Draymond Green or Iguodala, guys like Klay Thompson, guys that are such good defenders, you're not going to have big windows. You've got to take advantage of them. I thought he was more aggressive as the game went on, taking a shot and making quick decisions.

Q. You guys were able to force more turnovers than you did in Game 1. Is there anything you guys did differently or well in order to make that happen?
QUIN SNYDER: I'll have to watch the tape. I thought we played with a little more desperation and urgency after the start. Usually that activity results in getting your hands on a few more balls. I think, too, when a team gets up on you, like they did, they get a little looser and we were able to make a few plays. But I did like our activity more. We were more aggressive.

Q. Coach, The Jazz haven't had the lead in 96 minutes, but they're not going away. You guys are still playing. Do you think getting back in Salt Lake City, getting back in your own environment is going to help out a lot?
QUIN SNYDER: Well, we can score the first basket, and that will give us the lead for about ten seconds the way they're playing at the beginning of the game. So I think we have to start the game better. Hopefully we can do that at home, but I didn't realize it during the entire two games. I don't think that's -- we want to try to be ahead at the end, and against these guys, if you don't start well, you're climbing an uphill battle.

So hopefully, whether it's in Salt Lake or here, we've got to be better at the start of games. And I think that means being more aggressive on offense. If you're not, they really capitalize going the other way. So hopefully that will be the case.

Q. Coach, what was your thoughts on she will Don Mack's play tonight, having to step in and fill in for George?
QUIN SNYDER: I thought he competed. I thought, you know he was aggressive. He competed. You could see the effort and the intensity, and that's all you want is a guy to go out and leave it out there and compete, and that's what he did. So I don't know what his numbers look like. That, to me, wasn't -- I didn't think he played nervous. That's asking a lot of a guy to come in in this situation, and I'm not looking at it like that. I expect him to be able to give a lot, and I think he did.

Q. You guys played at the slowest pace in the league during the regular season. Did you make more of an effort to push the pace in this game too?
QUIN SNYDER: Yeah, I think the opportunities that you have to take advantage of in the early part of possessions, if you don't, you get up against the clock, and it just gets harder. I think their length does that to you, and they're doing a lot of switching against us. So we need to play. I've said this before. We're going to play at whatever pace that helps us win. And if that means playing faster, that's what we'll do. During the regular season, the way we play is really a reflection of our personnel. And tonight we needed to attack more, then usually that means you play a little bit faster. I just want us to get good shots.

Q. Coach, do you go back to Salt Lake city encouraged or discouraged by how your team played in these two games here?
QUIN SNYDER: We don't want to rationalize being here because this is the first time we've been in this situation for a while. To me, I don't want to be rationalizing in any way the fact that we're here. The expectation is to try to win every game.

So, obviously, we haven't won the first two, so you go home and there's probably a little bit of both. You're encouraged about some of the things you did. I wouldn't use the word discouraged as much as we need to be more determined to play better in other aspects of the game.

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