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May 2, 2017

Draymond Green

Oakland, California: Game One

Jazz - 94, Warriors - 106

Q. Draymond, what can you say about the job that the defensive unit did in the start of the second quarter and the fourth quarter?
DRAYMOND GREEN: That was huge. Just being locked in on the defensive end. We really turned defense into offense, and that's what we've been talking about leading up to this series was just trying to push the pace and really using our defense to do that. That second unit did a great job of that. Guys came off the bench ready to go, and it helped turn the game for us.

Q. Your three-point percentage this season dropped from 38 to around 33, but in these Playoffs you're 13 of 25 in five games. How is your three feeling? How frustrating was the drop this season and how is your three feeling right now?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It was pretty frustrating. I had games where it felt good and just didn't hit them, and then I had -- early on in the season my shot didn't feel good at all. I just really didn't feel used to a ball. As the season went on, I kind of feel like I was getting the rhythm back, and then all of a sudden it felt good, but they weren't falling. So I knew it was going to come back.

My guy Travis Walton has been out here with me since a couple weeks before the Playoffs and we've been in the gym every day. I've gotten that confidence. Riding high on the confidence, but also just that feel, the rhythm. I've been in a great rhythm and my teammates found me in great positions. It's up to me to knock them down.

Q. Near the end of the season Steve said you need stakes to play well. You couldn't play meaningless games. Seems you're particularly locked in here in the Playoffs so far. What about the playoffs how do you change during the Playoffs?
DRAYMOND GREEN: This is the best time of the year. Every game matters. Every single possession matters. I love to play that way. When you're just out there playing and it doesn't mean anything, and whether you're good or bad, it does not matter, it's kind of boring to me.

But every possession matters in the Playoffs, every little detail. I love playing that way. The stakes are higher. You're chasing a championship. That's the funnest time of the year for me, so I'm always excited to be in this time of year and try to play my best.

Q. How hard was that shove from Gobert? Did you sell it at all? Did you sense frustration on his part at that time?
DRAYMOND GREEN: No, I really didn't need to sell it. He pushed me pretty good. But, I mean, life goes on. I don't know if it's frustration or what it is. It really doesn't matter to me though. I actually try to get the refs to just play on and let's just go.

But they did their job, and came up with a Flagrant 1, but really it means nothing to me, honestly.

Q. Gordon Hayward played very well in the fourth round, and he was 4 for 15 from the floor. What was key to his defense?
DRAYMOND GREEN: You know, it was just trying to keep a body in between him and the rim. Not give him anything easy and make him take tough shots. I think we did a great job of that tonight. But it's not just one guy. Klay did a great job of guarding him. When Kevin was on him, he did a great job. André, and even Zaza and David pushed off of him a couple times and did a great job.

It's important, just like I said, try to make him take tough, contested shots. The same time, he can hit those shots. So your job as a defender is just to get a contest. You get a good contest, you did your job, and hopefully we'll get the results like we did tonight. But you can't expect to held him to 4 for 15 every night, and 2 for 9 from three. He also missed some easy open ones that we got lucky on.

Q. Only six or seven turnovers tonight. Was that concerted, and how big is that?
DRAYMOND GREEN: It's huge. We always said we can win the possession battle, you know. Just get a shot at the rim. We have enough great scorers. Guys who shoot the basketball enough playmakers, that if we can just get a shot up, I like our chances. Tonight we did that with seven turnovers. Matching a playoff low for this franchise is huge.

Obviously coming off the layoff, if you will, you would think it usually takes a while to get that rhythm and it's usually a little sloppy. But that says a lot about this group, a veteran group to stay locked in and dry to keep those turnovers low. Because if we can do that, we have a great chance of winning.

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