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May 2, 2017

Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant

Oakland, California: Game One

Jazz - 94, Warriors - 106

Q. Steph, you guys finished the last series at such a high level Game 4, did you think you were at that level, or was this maybe something you kind of got through? What did you think about the level of this game for you guys?
STEPHEN CURRY: We picked up right where we left off. I think our defense to start the first quarter gave us a chance to settle in offensively and find our rhythm. We didn't really -- we weren't clicking with making shots early on. But our defense just really gave us an opportunity to kind of find that flow. And that's what you need in the Playoffs to really assert yourself and get the momentum on your side.

Eventually we started to make some shots and open the game up. Our second unit, the unit that starts the second and third quarter did a great job defensively. Forced them into tough shots and started those quarters off great too. So all-around great effort.

Q. The Jazz obviously like to slow it down a little bit. Do you feel like you guys dictated the pace of this game?
STEPHEN CURRY: Yeah, we did that with not turning the ball over. We only had seven turnovers tonight, and if you take me out of it, we only had three. So that is huge for us to win the possession game against a team that loves to slow it down, and you're methodical on offense. We had to value each possession offensively on our end, make them work, but not give them any freebies. I think I could do a better job, as a team, we could do a better job of that tonight.

Q. Kevin, Gordon Hayward had a great series in the first round, but you held them to 4 of 15. What were you able to do to shut off his game for tonight?
KEVIN DURANT: He's an All-Star, so you don't expect him to come back next game very aggressive. He missed some shots tonight. I think we did a good job of putting bodies on him and making him shoot over and contest. He's a great player. Some of those shots might go down next game, but we can't get discouraged. We've got to continue to do it together. It's a great team effort.

Q. You said you kind of had the highlight of the night spinning Gobert around there. I know he had the knee trouble in the last series. Was that part of the game plan trying to get him isolated on the perimeter tonight?
STEPHEN CURRY: We wanted to try to get him out of the paint because that's where he's most effective. He's protecting the rim. So if you can get him out on the perimeter and try to get him to defend pin downs or pick-and-roll situations. Honestly, we didn't have many iso situations going in. It's just the way the game went. But obviously his strength is to protect that paint. So if you can get him out and make him guard some guards and some wings and try to make him uncomfortable in those situations, I think it's to our favor.

Q. I'm wondering how much spark you think transition gave you guys tonight? And in particular, I'm wondering what you thought of the play where Draymond was able to strip Hayward? I think you finished that with a dunk off the long pass?
KEVIN DURANT: Well, it all starts with the defensive side of the ball. You get stops and rebounds, you can run out. But if we're taking the ball out every time, it's hard for us to get into rhythm in a transition game. So just getting stops.

That play was a big play. I think we might have turned it over. But Draymond hustled back and got his hand on the basketball and just made an end-to-end play. Definitely got our crowd into the game.

Q. Just what does this Game 1 win do for you guys as far as setting it up for Thursday?
KEVIN DURANT: This gives us something to think about for the next game. We want to come out with energy. Game 2 is tough, especially a team coming in and trying to steal one on the road. So we can't be relaxed. Relaxed teams and happy teams get beat.

So we have to come out with the same energy we had tonight and just take it up a notch. I know it's easier said than done, but we'll watch film tomorrow and see where we can be better.

Q. Did you see Gobert twirl? What are you thinking when you see a 7'1" guy spin as you're making a move like that?
STEPHEN CURRY: You just try to finish the play. Whether you see an opener and the shooter jumper or go to the paint and finish it under the rim, you just kind of make those reads and find a way to take advantage of that mismatch there. Thankfully I was able to finish.

Q. Also, Chellsie was working on your ankle and you took your shoe off. What was going on there? Was there any issue there?
STEPHEN CURRY: No, just routine maintenance I get down whether it's in the back or on the bench or in between quarters or whenever it happens. It's nothing to worry about.

Q. Normally the formula to beat you guys is when you don't make threes. You only made seven tonight, but the game didn't seem like you were ever threatened. What did you guys have going since the three-ball wasn't working?
STEPHEN CURRY: It started with our defense, but I think we found ways to move the ball and get good shots whether it's pin-down twos or swing-swings and driving to the basket. We're happy.

We created good shots just by moving the ball and setting good screens for each other. Got up 29 threes and hopefully we'll make a few more next game. But the ones that we did create, and the shots that we did finish, all were promoted by our ball movement, and that's what we preach all year. Against this team especially, they're great defensively, so you can't get bogged down on one end of the court. They feed off of that, so make them work, make them move side-to-side, and make them make decisions defensively and it should work out.

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