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May 1, 2017

Kevin Kisner

Scott Brown

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. I know obviously you wanted to come away with a win but what a week it's been, a lot of excite?
KEVIN KISNER: We had a great time, man, that was a great format. Fun to play with him in the heat. Having a chance to win is always fun. Didn't get it done but we'll be back next year.

Q. How different was the course this morning, Scott?
SCOTT BROWN: Very similar to last night, but the greens have just slowed down so much. They are just hard to putt, and we just didn't adapt well, unfortunately, coming down the stretch yesterday.

And then this morning, we just couldn't get anything to go. We hit some good putts that didn't go.

Q. After a week of battling, wasn't quite the finish you want, but when you have time to reflect and gain perspective, what will you take away from the second place finish?
KEVIN KISNER: Team event, first time doing it, and it was fun to be in a battle with him and have a chance to win. We were close. Had a chance there and I just didn't get it done, but we'll be back next year.

Q. After seeing so many birdies throughout the week, especially yesterday, what made the birdies so hard today, and how much were nerves and adrenaline a factor?
SCOTT BROWN: A little bit but the course changed a little bit. Obviously it softened on us yesterday afternoon and we had a hard time adapting to the greens. We had a great week all in all and I look forward to next year for sure.

Q. You've known each other and played together since you were ten years old. How much did that chemistry play into the second place finish?
KEVIN KISNER: I think it played a lot into it. We know each other's games so well, and we're comfortable with each other and we know we're both trying hard. Nobody gets upset at anybody. We know we're doing the best we can. Looking forward to getting back here next year.

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