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April 30, 2017

Jonas Blixt

Cameron Smith

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. How impressive was that to see that chip-in?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was a good shot. Yeah, it went in.

Q. You guys waited six hours and you came out and still were calm and collected as you could have been. Talk a little bit about that, how you were able to still focus.
CAMERON SMITH: We weren't worried. We had a little break there in the afternoon, just had some lunch, and we just kind of chilled out a little bit. We went out there with a game plan of still playing aggressive. We played really good this afternoon, yeah.

Q. And the birdie on 16 to tie it up. What was going through your head?
JONAS BLIXT: Yeah, Cam was really aggressive the holes before, and I told him I'm going to be a little less aggressive on 16, and I got the perfect numbers. I didn't tell him, but it was just perfect numbers. I just had to go at the pin, and it worked out.

Q. Jonas, to be 27-under and not win, not be walking out of here with the win, that's pretty unusual; don't you think?
JONAS BLIXT: I mean, it's a different format, so we didn't really know what to expect coming into this week. It could have been 15-under, it could have been 35-under, we just didn't know, but we were just trying to make as many birdies as we can, and sometimes you get caught and sometimes you don't.

Q. 8:00 a.m. playoff; your thoughts? I know you're used to getting up early. Just another day, right?
JONAS BLIXT: I can't say it's another day, but you've got to go home, recharge, and pretty much forget everything you've done the last four days and just go out and make a birdie or eagle or whatever to win it.

Q. How easy is that to do?
JONAS BLIXT: I guess it was easy for Kevin on the last hole.

Q. What was it like hitting that birdie on 17?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was good. We both hit really good shots in there. I knew if I missed my putt, Jonas is probably going to make his. Just felt really free over the putt, and it went in.

Q. Particularly after the way Scott and Kevin came after you guys after the break there and then you really battled hard on that back nine --
JONAS BLIXT: Yeah, we were confident about our two games the whole week, so I wasn't really stressed out about it. Someone had to get hot in order to catch us today, and they did. That's it.

Q. You really picked up your partner, started making a bunch of putts out there today, Cameron. Were you just able to feel it?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I guess so, and having Jonas there as a bit of a backup, as well, making pars and making those putts a little bit easier for me was nice, as well.

Q. Obviously 18 was pretty dark. How difficult was it to play that hole?
JONAS BLIXT: You could barely -- when I was holding my wedge shot, you couldn't even see what the grain was doing, so it was kind of hard to hit my ball in the fairway, and lining up my putt, you couldn't barely see anything. I just didn't know it was into the grain. That's why I hit it short.

Yeah, it was a bit dark out there.

Q. Cameron, great up-and-down out there at 18. Probably didn't expect them to chip in for eagle, but what did it take you to pull that shot off?
CAMERON SMITH: I don't know, I kind of knew that we at least had to get up-and-down to win, so I just went ahead and picked my spot on the green and landed perfect and went up there. That's all we could really do.

Q. You guys came into 18 with a one-shot lead after fighting hard for that one-shot lead. Take me through the emotional roller coaster that was 18.
JONAS BLIXT: Yeah, it was a little different. We knew we had to at least make birdie to put some pressure on them to make eagle or do something very special. Seeing Cameron hitting that clutch shot there up to two feet, yeah, it was cool, and then honestly, I didn't really expect that, but that's kind of part of golf. You've got to expect the unexpected. I don't know, we get another shot at it tomorrow, and we've just got to leave this behind and try to go out there and make birdie or eagle tomorrow on 18 and try to win this tournament.

Q. You probably weren't expecting to go up against a team that had eight consecutive birdies to start the day. Mentally how do you fight back against that to put yourself in this position?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, we were kind of talking about that. We knew our time was going to come, and we saw it was breezy and very gusty and we didn't get a few clubs that we wanted into the hole. Yeah, it was tough, but we fought well on the back nine. It was really good.

Q. You guys get to fight in a playoff tomorrow morning. What is the priority tonight to make sure you guys are ready to meet this challenge?
JONAS BLIXT: Make sure the outfit is on point.

Q. You've been on point all four days. Anything else?
JONAS BLIXT: The fifth day is the hard one, so we've got to dig deep.

Q. Did you bring a fifth outfit?
JONAS BLIXT: No. We might have something up our sleeves.

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