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April 30, 2017

Jason Dufner

Patton Kizzire

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. Jason, talk about the early part of the round before the suspension, 7-under par through 12 holes. What was the secret to success today?
JASON DUFNER: We kind of played well as a team. We were 8-under through 13, had four birdies, he had four birdies, and a couple pars when another guy was out of play. So that's kind of what you have to do in this best-ball format. If you make a bunch of birdies on the same holes, you're making birdies but you're kind of not gaining much, so we were able to ham-and-egg it, so to speak, and put a good round today.

Q. Did it feel like a different course after the suspension?
PATTON KIZZIRE: It was a lot different. It was a lot more playable. The greens were softer. The ball wasn't going quite as far, wasn't running out, but it was a little bit more friendly out there once we went back out.

Q. The guys that are out there in contention to win this have got a playing partner alongside them. Does it help?
JASON DUFNER: Definitely helps, especially if your guy is in play. It kind of can be one way or the other. If the guy that hits first is out of play, that puts more pressure on the second guy, but if you both get in the fairway and then the way the conditions are into the greens, guys should have putts inside of 15 feet, then you can be more aggressive. Hopefully that guy on the tee shot is in play.

Q. First time in 36 years the PGA TOUR has held a pairs event. How much have you enjoyed playing alongside the Duf?
PATTON KIZZIRE: It's been great. I've leaned on him pretty good. He carried me most of the way, and I was able to contribute a little bit here and there, and we had a great time.

Q. A strong finish; 63, but in the end, a little too short. At what stage starting nine shots back did you think, hang on, we could win this?
JASON DUFNER: Never really entered my mind. We were pretty far back starting the day. Nine back is a pretty big lead to try and charge up. But I was happy, we came out here, been out here for almost 13 hours, so it's a lot better than shooting 3- or 4-under.

Q. You got to within three shots there with three or four holes to play. Was there a moment when the energy just was sapped out of the occasion for you?
PATTON KIZZIRE: Not really. We just didn't execute there for a stretch on the back nine. But we never really thought we could win because the scores will be low this afternoon. The guys are playing well and ham-and-egging it like we did. But we had fun and made a bunch of birdies.

Q. Just talk about your experience this week. I know you've played a lot of team competition. How much fun did you have playing in this different format?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah, I think it's good. I think it generated a lot of interest for the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. I think it got people talking about this event, team golf. So I think it's a good thing. Would I want to do it every week? Probably not. But a couple of weeks a year, I think it's good for the game, and I think it's good for us. It makes it a little bit more relaxed environment. You get to have a week with a friend where we're not trying to beat each other and we're trying to be a team. I had a good time. Look forward to coming back in the future.

Q. Patton, we were talking about how much fun you've had getting to play with Jason and what kind of support he has been for you in your career. Talk about this relationship and what Jason is like to play with.
PATTON KIZZIRE: Yeah, Jason has been really good to me and other Auburn players. It's kind of a little fraternity. We've got a few guys out here. He's just there for support, and he was talking me through some shots and helping me along the way. We just had a good time, had a few laughs, and just mosey on down the fairway. I walk a little faster than he does, but tried to hang back and hang out with him a little bit. But the team format was a lot of fun.

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