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April 29, 2017

Scott Brown

Kevin Kisner

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. When I asked you two, how did you come to be a team, what was your answer?
KEVIN KISNER: I didn't think there was a question who was going to be on the teams -- it was a pretty easy pick for us. I just asked him if he committed yet.

Q. Clearly knowing each other since ten years old, you work really well together, especially today. Take a look at the back nine, six birdies on the card. What worked better today than day one in the same format?
SCOTT BROWN: Really day one, we played really nice. We just didn't make any putts. He hit some good shots, didn't take advantage of them.

Q. You two were working really well on every part of the course, this one 189 yards out on 15?
KEVIN KISNER: Probably a little too aggressive but I was feeling pretty good right here. Just a perfect number. It's pretty much a guess out there -- but landed right where we thought it would.

Q. So you have to be happy with when your partner puts you inside six feet?
SCOTT BROWN: And I have him reading for me this week. He's a good putter. That's good.

Q. You guys made a lot of putts on the back nine. Did you talk after round one or even after the second round and work on things together?
SCOTT BROWN: Not really. We played probably more rounds with each other than anybody we've ever played with, so there's not a whole lot to talk about. We just work good as a team and it just started clicking on the back nine.

Q. Tell us how this partnership came together.
KEVIN KISNER: We've known other our whole lives, playing golf.

SCOTT BROWN: We've known each other our whole lives, playing golf against and with each other. So I played with him every day during off-weeks, pretty much guarantee we are going to play together when we got here.

Q. So no one knows each other's game like you do?
SCOTT BROWN: No, it's funny, we joke all the time but our games are so similar, especially where we hit it, he especially best-ball format. I know his game pretty well and he knows mine.

Q. Take us through your round today, you were stagnant through the front nine but you made the turn and something clicked. What was it?
KEVIN KISNER: Well, obviously we hit it closer and made the putts. I thought we played nicely on the front. Had a lot of nice looks. It was probably the easiest feeling day for an alternate-shot I could ever imagine in those conditions. Never really stressful and never really out of position.

Q. Shots into 15, that was big by you, you make the putt and you return serve on 16 and capitalize on 18. How much momentum do you have going into Sunday?
SCOTT BROWN: We're playing good. We're hitting good shots. If we can keep holing some putts, we should be right there. We're going to have a lot of opportunities. Just got to make them.

Q. Do you guys feel you have an edge in this format more so than any other?
KEVIN KISNER: Well, I think in that aspect, I think one of the things that's helped us the most is we play so much together that we literally can talk to each other about every shot and know exactly what the other one is thinking, and putts, the same way. Like on the last hole there, I was like, perfect 3-iron. He's like, that's what we're talking about, too. I'm not sure everybody else has that rapport.

Q. Have you had any disagreement over three days?
KEVIN KISNER: More on the reads probably.

SCOTT BROWN: Not really. I know he's not going to be too mad at me if I mess up.

Q. You guys have become great friends but was there ever a time you were fired up to play against one another?
SCOTT BROWN: Not really. We always played against each other like in high school and junior golf. Not really. I've never really had that mind-set at all really.

KEVIN KISNER: More buddy relationship. We all know how hard this game is, and I don't think I ever -- I was pulling for him, he's pulling for me kind of feeling. I never really had any, I-need-to-go-beat-Browny-type deal.

Q. Looking ahead to tomorrow, do you anticipate scores are going to be low?
SCOTT BROWN: I felt like it was pretty windy yesterday and they were pretty low I felt like for the way it was playing. I felt like we played a really good round yesterday and we shot 8, but I still think we've got to have that mind-set, we've got to go out and shoot 8- to ten to do what we need to do, I believe.

KEVIN KISNER: I'm pretty aggressive all the time. He hits first on every shot and he hits it right down the middle. So I hit driver on about every hole. He makes my life easy.

Q. The dynamic next to each other --
SCOTT BROWN: Really cool -- just us playing together all the time, you know, to win with him would be awesome.

KEVIN KISNER: Probably be a totally different atmosphere having a teammate with a chance to win coming down the stretch. So hopefully we have a chance.

Q. Given how low it can go tomorrow, how far back can you be and still be in it?
SCOTT BROWN: Depends how far the leaders get out there in front of you. I wouldn't want to be more than three or four to tell you the truth.

Q. Nine straight pars in the front and then six birdies on the back. What changed?
KEVIN KISNER: I think the approach shots just got a little closer. It's so hard to judge the distance on those iron shots. Had a few wedge shots there and capitalizing early on the back nine.

Q. How much was the wind a factor?
SCOTT BROWN: I felt like, the wind was a big factor. I felt like it impacts you most around the greens for us. Neither one of us really like putting when it's strong wind like this. You have to almost factor down some putts and it's hard to do it when your feet are telling you one thing and your eyes are telling you another and the wind is blowing. I think that's the hardest part about it.

Q. You've been friends for a long time, known each other since you were ten, played with and against each other and, in fact, play every off day together, so just how much does that comfort level help you guys out there in a format like this?
KEVIN KISNER: It's really easy on knowing the other's game and knowing what to expect, what he likes, what I like. We pretty much know that and we know what each other is going to hit from every position. I think it's cool to have four people talking about it, between us and our caddies, and everybody gets in agreement, you feel pretty confident.

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