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April 28, 2017

Justin Thomas

Bud Cauley

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. To get it back the way it was, I thought this format, the better ball, was going to be really where you guys could shine, and Justin, you took advantage of it today.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, we did. We played well. I felt like we played better than the scores were showing. I thought we would have really made a good jump or a good move, but I guess that's what happens on the PGA TOUR. Everyone else is really good out here, too, but we really finished well those last five holes to get ourselves in a good spot.

Q. Going back to alternate-shot tomorrow, you guys got an under-par round out of a day where you guys were over par on the par-5s yesterday, which is pretty incredible. Any adjustments for you guys tomorrow?
BUD CAULEY: No, I don't think so. I think we'll stick with the same holes. We're both playing well, so got to go out there, hit good shots, and give ourselves some looks for birdie.

Q. I know you didn't overlap in college. You missed by a year when you were there, but to be able to play in a team event like this, to be able to ratchet up the competition, this has to be a blast this week.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, it's really fun. We play a lot of golf for fun at home, and we're having a lot of fun out there. We're joking probably more than we would in any other tournament. But it's just the fact of the matter is we're in a tournament now. I feel like we can bounce stuff off of each other and feel comfortable with what the other one is going to say. Yeah, we're both playing really well, so we're excited for the weekend.

Q. Bud, any Coach Seawell Tweets or texts this week to you guys?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, he sent us a couple before the week started, so I'm sure we'll get a few more throughout the week.

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