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April 28, 2017

Jonas Blixt

Cameron Smith

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. 10-under par out there in these conditions have to be pretty good. Jonas, you made a few more putts today?
JONAS BLIXT: Yeah, a few more, and when you have a good partner like Cameron here, you can kind of rest knowing he's going to make par or birdie and you just go for it, so it was kind of a lot easier to putt.

Q. Cameron, when you guys were out there today, what was the difference between today and yesterday?
CAMERON SMITH: I think just having a backup, playing a little bit more aggressively, and Jonas is putting really good, chipping really good, so you always know he's going to get up-and-down for par, so just shooting the pins, and it all came off today.

Q. Is that what the key was, that you could rely on each other?
JONAS BLIXT: I think we just can trust each other's game by now, and that makes us be able to go at pins and make some putts, so it's kind of fun.

Q. Red and white yesterday, blue and white today; what's tomorrow?
CAMERON SMITH: I have no idea. I actually told him blue and gray this morning, and he actually came down in blue and white, so I had to go change my pants quickly. Yeah, I don't know. Probably white pants again.

Q. What's the plan for this afternoon?
JONAS BLIXT: I don't know. Probably get a coffee.

Q. Cameron, certainly carrying yesterday's momentum into today, both of you with an eagle today. How were you guys able to feed off of each other's success today?
JONAS BLIXT: I think we just trust each other's game, and that makes us be able to go at the pins and to get aggressive. I know cam has my back and I have his. It makes it a lot easier.

Q. Cameron, a different format today. What did you like best about best ball?
CAMERON SMITH: I think just having a backup. Jonas is playing really well at the moment. You know he's going to make a birdie or a par, so I'm just playing aggressive and just letting it all fall into play.

Q. Jonas, where do you feel like you were able on the course specifically to really take advantage of this format?
JONAS BLIXT: I don't know. Just the whole golf course pretty much. I mean, there's 18 holes, and I feel like we both were in control, and you just try to make as many as you can.

Q. How much is it when one guy does well early on and you kind of feed off each other's momentum? Is that kind of part of it today do you think?
JONAS BLIXT: I just feel so much more comfortable sometimes when you have two chances for birdie so you can kind of go for it. I got a little too aggressive at times, so just kind of putted through the line. So on the last few lines I was trying to hit them really good speed at least, and I learned a little bit today.

Q. How did you guys' partnership come together?
JONAS BLIXT: We didn't talk to each other. We go through our caddies.

CAMERON SMITH: No, my caddie lives with Jonas, so we've become quite good mates. I asked him at the start of the year, and it was kind of just a why not type thing, and it's working out pretty good.

Q. You guys are staying in the same hotel? I overheard something this morning about you were wearing gray pants --
JONAS BLIXT: Same city.

CAMERON SMITH: No, he's staying down the road. I've got my car here this week, so we're just going back and forth together, but that's it.

Q. Everybody talks about having fun and stuff, and y'all had a good round yesterday, but then today, 10-under today. Was it even more fun, obviously?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I mean, it's just like Jonas said, it's just really comfortable. You know, we're both playing really good, and yeah, that's kind of -- it's just really relaxing.

Q. There seems to be a lot more banter back and forth in groups; is that an accurate observation, conversation, chatter?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, yeah, I'd say so, yeah. There's definitely a lot more banter. We told the guys today to get a move on. They were only a few under with like six holes to go, and then they finished like 5-under in the last six or so after that. Yeah, it's really fun just -- it's just different.

Q. I'm sure you've seen the forecast. It's going to really blow this afternoon. Did y'all have any particular trouble this morning?
CAMERON SMITH: No, no, not really. As the score kind of says, yeah, we both hit it really well, and yeah, like I said, we're just playing really good golf at the moment. We can just kind of rely on each other.

Q. Do you think 15-under will hold today?

JONAS BLIXT: It doesn't really matter. We're playing 36 more, so I mean, just trying to make as many birdies as you can. It pretty much comes down to the back nine on Sunday to see if you're going to win it or not. If you can create a cushion, you can. If not, you just -- I mean, that's what you're trying to do, make birdies.

Q. Cam, you're coming off a good week last week in San Antonio. Jonas, how do you feel like you've been playing this year?
JONAS BLIXT: Yeah, I've been playing all right, just haven't got everything together each week. Yeah, a lot of my game has been good, but it hasn't really gotten there.

Q. Does this give you a confidence boost when you're seeing birdies being poured in, you make a few of your own?
JONAS BLIXT: Yeah, I don't know, it's weird to talk about your own game sometimes. No, I feel like I'm moving in the right direction with everything I've done, and I feel like I'm hitting it a lot better than I ever have and putting it all right now. Struggled a little bit with my putting, but it's working out pretty good this week, so I'm excited going into the next two days. Like he said, it was easy to walk out there with Cameron and laugh and tell some jokes or stuff like that, so it was fun.

Q. Before this week had you guys played many rounds together?
JONAS BLIXT: We play at home. You know, work out -- we don't really work out. We've got the same physio --


JONAS BLIXT: Trainer, yeah. We do some stuff together and we have a lot of people that kind of are connected to both of us.

Q. Are you surprised that you guys gelled so quickly?
JONAS BLIXT: No. I seem to get along with Australians really well. I think Swedes and Australians get along really well with each other.

Q. Why is that?
JONAS BLIXT: I don't know, same mentality I think. My brother is down in Sydney right now studying, and he's having a hell of a time. Maybe not doing what we're doing, but my last roommate was Australian, and his caddie is from New Zealand, and he's living with me. Yeah, just have a good time together.

Q. Where is home for you now?
JONAS BLIXT: Jacksonville, Florida.

Q. What are your caddies' name?

JONAS BLIXT: And Bill Harke.

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