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April 27, 2017

Geoff Ogilvy

Ian Poulter

Avondale, Louisiana

Q. First day of the team event; everybody talking about it, but nobody truly knew what to expect. Ian, how would you describe day one of the team event?
IAN POULTER: Well, we didn't know what to expect, either, because last week we was told it was modified foursomes, and then it was only yesterday we was told it was actually real foursomes. But I actually think it played nicely today. There was a couple of holes out there where you have to be careful, and we did that very well. Geoff holed a lovely putt from about 27 feet on the last, which was probably -- it was nice to do that because we hadn't holed a lot of putts during the day, during the morning, but we hit a lot of good golf shots, had a lot of good looks at birdie, and 3-under par is probably a fair reflection of obviously how we've played.

Q. Geoff, so many people talking about the alternate-shot, maybe disrupting and affecting rhythm because it's something you guys aren't used to. In what ways, if any, did alternate-shot change that rhythm?
GEOFF OGILVY: It doesn't maybe affect your rhythm, it truly affects your rhythm. It's probably a game that not a lot of guys have played unless they've played Ryder Cups and Presidents Cups. It's a very awkward game to play, and it's a game of pressure. Foursomes is a game of pressure, best ball is a game of less pressure. You feel guilty constantly, even with a good shot, but you always think it could have been better to leave your guy in a better spot. It's tough -- foursomes is tough mentally, and you can go quite a lot of holes not hitting any normal shots, you just have to chip on and then a couple of little putts. Very hard to get into a rhythm.

Alternate-shot I think is going to be the format in this that you could lose the tournament in and the best ball is the one you can win the tournament in. So job done. We had 3-under, which I think is a really good score in alternate-shot, and it sets us up to kind of make a ton of birdies tomorrow and kind of let loose and feel free. As I said, a little bit less pressure in best ball. Yeah, it was nice to hole a putt on the last. We had our chances. We had a couple of pretty reasonable chances with the putter and didn't hit great putts, but on the last it's nice to hole a good one so he actually sits with me at lunch.

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