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April 23, 2017

Aaron Baddeley

San Antonio, Texas

Q. After a lovely round of 68, Aaron Baddeley joins us in SkyCam. How did you feel about your play?
AARON BADDELEY: I played really good today. Just tough course. You got to drive it well and hit a lot of good shots today. Gave me a lot of opportunities. A solid day.

Q. Going into the round at 4-under par, still needed to make a bit of a move. Did you have a score in mind you wanted to post?
AARON BADDELEY: Double digits. I get to 10. The wind is still up a little bit. There's a chance even on the back-9 I was really trying to get to 10.

Q. We're going take a look at that where you try to force the issue and did a good job here on 17. Talk us through the play here.
AARON BADDELEY: Yeah. Like 330 front and down on the left a little bit and just ripped driver. Just had to let it go. Got a nice bounce. Little bank off the right there you can play that and see there it rolls up nicely to the green and I thought the putt really had a chance and sort of leaked a little bit right at the end. I thought it was going to be straight.

Q. A lot of creativity and imagination required for a shot like this.
AARON BADDELEY: Big tee, big bounce. You have to get the speed right. Yeah, to hit a good putt like that down to tap-in range is good from that point.

Q. Strong way to finish as well. When you look at your season so far, two Top 15s, this looks like it might be a Top-5 depending on how it finishes here in the final few groups. What do you feel clicked this week?
AARON BADDELEY: To be honest, I played good over the year. I think my putting let me down a little bit. I haven't capitalized on the good shots. My game is right there, really I feel like that, just stay the course and good stuff is going to happen and this week it played really nice.

Q. Baddeley missing putts is not --
AARON BADDELEY: I looked at something from old footage of 2000 and noticed something with my grip.

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