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April 22, 2017

Petr Pala

Katerina Siniakova

Saddlebrook Resort, Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA


6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Petr, talk a little bit about going into tomorrow 1-1. Obviously that's a pretty good place for you to be after the first match.
CAPTAIN PALA: Well, 1-1, we came here to get three points, no matter how. With the first match, very proud of Katerina's performance, being 0-1 down, her first live singles match. She played really well from the beginning to the end. Looking forward for tomorrow.

I would say Marketa, for me it was closer than it actually looked on the score sheet. In the second set, she had a few chances to be leading in the match. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. She didn't hold her serve there.

But Coco played really well. In the beginning, didn't make any mistakes. Serving well, returning well.

Yeah, we have to prepare for it tomorrow. So 1-All.

Q. How much do you think it was Marketa, it being her first Fed Cup match, nerves and stuff?
CAPTAIN PALA: Yeah, everyone gets nervous. Depends how you deal with it. The big question was Coco didn't give her anything in the first set. She did in the second set. Like I said, Marketa had her chance and taken take it, unfortunately.

Yeah, I mean, I think she play okay. She play good. But she didn't have time to show her game. That's it.

Q. Katerina, obviously you got off to a quick and good start. How important was that in the outcome of the match?
KATERINA SINIAKOVA: It was really good for me because I was little bit nervous before the game. It was really good for me. I started pretty well, so it helped me.

Q. What do you think you did particularly well against her today?
KATERINA SINIAKOVA: I was just trying to fight every point. I think I can play on clay, I can run everywhere. I need to take it in my game.

I just tried to fight her, run everywhere.

Q. She gave you quite a few opportunities on her serve. She didn't serve all that well. How important was that?
KATERINA SINIAKOVA: She served well. It was really tough. But, you know, on clay it's a little bit different than on hard courts.

In the beginning I tried to return little bit back, then I can step in front and try to push the ball. I think I played pretty good.

Q. Talk a little bit about the crowd today. It was a good crowd, but they seemed pretty respectful, but vibrant.
CAPTAIN PALA: Yeah, that's what we usually have when we play at home. We have much louder crowd, but I think fair. I want to have a fair crowd. I think it's nice.

I hope tomorrow's going to be back. It's nice for both teams. That's the reason why we play tennis, to play in front of big crowd, even that you visiting team.

I think it was fair. Obviously throughout the match you get some noise somewhere from someone. But you just have to deal with it. If it becomes more aggressive, then it's up to the referee. But I think it was okay.

Q. Do you think you'll stick with the same lineup that you've mentioned in the draw, or might we see changes?
CAPTAIN PALA: Well, I didn't have much time to think about it yet. Let's see. If I would know, I wouldn't tell you.

Q. Katerina, you saved all five breakpoints that you faced today. What were you able to do so well in the big points?
KATERINA SINIAKOVA: I was just trying to focus on every point. I just trying and keep fighting. It's went my way, so I was just so happy about it.

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