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April 21, 2017

Petr Pala

Denisa Allertova

Katerina Siniakova

Marketa Vondrousova

Kristyna Pliskova

Saddlebrook Resort, Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA

THE MODERATOR: Well thank you for coming to the Czech Republic's press conference. We're ready for questions for the Czechs.

Sandy, would you like to start it off?

Q. Petr, talk a little bit about your team here and how you're feeling going up against the USA team.
CAPTAIN PALA: Well, I'm feeling great. I hope the girls, too. That's more important than how I feel.

I feel well about the girls, that they practice hard. I think we are enjoying whole week and looking forward. It's coming tomorrow, so let's see.

Q. How tough do you think they are? You guys have won the last three, five of the last six. How tough is this USA team?
CAPTAIN PALA: Well, it's very tough. If you look on ranking on the paper they are strong favorites. What we going to try as much as we can is to make it really difficult for them.

We came here to win.

Q. Katerina, have you led a Fed Cup team before as the No. 1 player? If not, talk a little bit about how you feel about that.
KATERINA SINIAKOVA: Yeah, I'm really excited to be here and to go on the court. Of course it's my first time, because in Australia it was my first meeting and I was new there.

So it's a little bit different, but I'm really excited.

Q. Marketa, pretty much just out of the juniors. You won your first title last week. Now you're the No. 2 player on the team. How exciting is that? How much pressure are you feeling?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: Yeah, I'm very excited to play. Just really happy I can play. I think it's going to be great weekend, and I hope I can do my best tennis.

Q. What was it like winning your first title?
MARKETA VONDROUSOVA: It was really great. I played great tennis the whole week, and, yeah, I just hope I can continue here.

Q. Denisa and Kristyna, have you played before together? Talk about your doubles role together.
KATERINA SINIAKOVA: We played like five or six years ago.


KATERINA SINIAKOVA: Yeah, we lost both times.

PLAYER: Better this time.


Q. Do you remember anything from that time or what you may be able to improve together?
KATERINA SINIAKOVA: I think we had tough opponents too. We played (indiscernible), so not really easy in doubles. It's like six years, so a lot of things changed. Hopefully it's going to be better now.

Q. Kristyna, obviously your first time on the team as well as Marketa, but what did Karolina maybe tell you about Fed Cup and the Fed Cup experience in advance of being here?
KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: Of course she told me a lot. I ask a lot the questions because it's pretty new to me. But, yeah, she help me, so it's not like that new.

I feel like I was here before. Yeah, that's all. (Laughter.)

Q. What kind of questions did you ask her and what did she tell you?
KRISTYNA PLISKOVA: I ask about everything. Everything, I mean coach and the matches and how is the team. So, yeah.

Q. How is the coach treating you?

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