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April 21, 2017

Rafael Nadal

Monte Carlo, Monaco

R. NADAL/D. Schwartzman

6-4, 6-4

(Transcribed from recorded audio by the ATP.)

Q. (Question regarding tonight's match.)
RAFAEL NADAL: I think all the matches have been so, so long and so hard. I never liked to play at that time, especially on clay.

The conditions, especially when is cold, are so slow, so heavy. Then is a little bit tough, no?

But I think I had the mentality when I was 4-2 in the second, these matches have been up and down, not easy to find a real way to win until then. In the last three games and a half I played much better, more aggressive with my forehand. I finally found the way to create damage on the opponent.

I am through. I am in semifinals. That's what I'm looking for, is a great start of the clay court season. So tomorrow I going to have a very tough match against a player that is playing so good. I need to play better than today, obviously. But I think the conditions going to be different. I hope to be ready to play well.

Q. Do you think knowing that Novak lost may have distracted you a bit?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, no, not at all.

Q. What do you think about Goffin? You saw his match against Novak. Are you impressed how he has improved?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, no, he's a great player. He's a player that is playing unbelievably well during the whole season. He is winning so many matches. Big, talented player. I know he can win against everybody. And he knows.

Every time he's more and more confident. I said last year, no, he's a player that can fight for the top position because he's a very complete player in all the surfaces. He can play well everywhere. That's very important today.

Is a big, big player.

Q. Have you ever played in such conditions, at night?
RAFAEL NADAL: Against Costa, I don't remember if it was that cold, but I remember I finished with lights. I don't remember another one. I don't know if against Lapentti, but we stopped because the conditions were unplayable, unbelievable wind, terrible.

Q. Would you say it's another tournament in such conditions?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yes, completely different. I think is too heavy to play tennis that late. But, you know, is these kind of days that things went like this. Just accept and fight.

Q. Is it strange to be in the semifinal without Wawrinka, Murray, Djokovic?
RAFAEL NADAL: In my opinion, what's strange is that every time we are there. That's what happen almost every time in the last 10 years. That's very difficult and very strange, no?

Is much more normal that happens that we are not there all the time. So difficult. Everybody plays well. The match is decided in few things. Is difficult to be there all the time.

For me is not a big surprise. If you ask me before the tournament, What do you think? I always think that I going to put Novak there because he's unbelievable, Andy.

Goffin, for example, is not a surprise at all that he is in semifinal. He is a player that can fight for titles.

Q. What will you do to recover for tomorrow?
RAFAEL NADAL: Was not a very big, demanding match. I think I going to be ready.

I don't like to finish that late. You going to go to dinner late. I have treatment. I just accept. What time I play tomorrow?

Q. 3:30.
RAFAEL NADAL: I going to be okay.

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