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April 21, 2017

Kevin Chappell

San Antonio, Texas

Q. Kevin, pretty good scrambling today. What was the key to today's round?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Missing it in the right spots. It was windy enough you had to really think about you can take shots on and, if you did, getting the ball in the right place. I was fortunate to be chipping back into the wind a lot and that made it a lot easier.

Q. Explain to people what the wind can do to this course. Obviously in Texas it's bound to happen but specifically here, what happens?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: The ball -- it's warm and windy is the recipe to hit the ball really far. So, we hit a few shots went 10, 15 yards further than we thought they would.

Into the kind the ball is going nowhere because it's blowing so hard. It's a good mixture on this golf course, lot of holes run north/south. With the wind blowing out of south today, you know, you had a good mixture of both.

Q. What do you do on Thursday and Friday knowing that the wind is going to change directions come Saturday and can make things more challenging?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: For me I played enough rounds around here that I probably played every wind they have. So, you know, I look forward to the challenge. My game tends to rise in more difficult conditions so I look forward to that on the weekend.

Q. I heard players say with the wind you get a little bit more creative and get to use your imagination more. What is it for you?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Definitely was a little more engaged out there today than I would have been had it been calm. You get to be creative and got to really think each and every shot out and play it committed.

Q. Kevin, strong finish but those saves at par at 8 and 9. Take us through that sequence to finish out your round.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Pulled my tee shot on 8 and had a little window, tree. Debating back and forth with to lay up or go. I didn't like what the wedge shot was going to look like if you didn't go at the green.

Basically all I had to do was overdraw it, get in one of the bunkers. I hit a great shot, just didn't stop and got pretty unfortunate spot and I was able to hit my first chip not aggressive enough and then able to get up and down.

On 9 get a good break, my ball is fine, bad break on the drop and had to kind of hit a low shot under a tree and goes over the back of the green and great up and down. Kind of -- it matched the day and excited about hanging in there and giving myself a chance this weekend.

Q. As far as the afternoon was concerned, how tough were those conditions with those gusty breezes in all different directions it seemed like out there?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: It blew the same direction all day. Definitely was gusting, picking up and we look like a fool out there a few times with misjudging the wind or pulling clubs. As you see, there's some good scores to be had out there. The course is very playable in these conditions. It goes to show you how well it was designed.

I think tomorrow it's going to blow just as hard from different directions so you'll see some good scores but you'll also see some guys struggle.

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