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April 20, 2017

Adrian Mannarino

Monte Carlo, Monaco

L. POUILLE/A. Mannarino

3-0 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. So what happened?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I have a problem with my hip. It prevents me from playing. It happened after my match against Jo. I was a bit tired. During a treatment with a physio, a manipulation went wrong. I felt something in my hip that was hurting.

Since that time it has been difficult for me to walk. It was a bit better this morning. I tried, but it was not enough.

Q. Did it happen during Jo's match?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: No. After the match.

Q. Did you have the same problem in China?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Yes. It's exactly the same thing. It's tough because I tried to walk, and I was just falling. That's the way it is.

Q. Did you go through some examinations and tests?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I spent the whole morning in the hospital yesterday. I had inflammatory liquids in my hip that were punctured. Then I got an infiltration.

But 24 hours is not long enough to solve the problem.

Q. When you have a physio treatment, do you tell the physio you have a problem with your hip?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: The last time it happened was two years ago. Since then I've had absolutely no problems. When you go to the physio, he always manipulates you. Things like that can happen anytime.

It's just bad luck. It can happen. I'm trying not to think too much about it. I hope it's going to get better soon.

Q. Do you have a specific protocol you have to follow?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: Now that I've had an infiltration, I have to wait till it becomes effective. I'll wait to see if it gets better.

Yesterday I wasn't able to walk. Today I was able to make a minimum effort. It seems to get better quite quickly.

But I'll still have to wait four to six days as a minimum.

Q. Do you have something wrong with your hip?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: It's been many years now that my hip is damaged. I had many problems with it. It's because of the cartilage. These things can happen anytime.

I always hope it won't happen, but I am not really the one who can decide what happens.

Q. Do you know how long you'll have to stay without playing?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I don't know. As I was saying, the evolution is quite positive since yesterday and quite fast. I hope it's going to be quick, but I don't have a specific date.

If they tell me I can play a week from now, I'll be happy.

Q. Wouldn't you need to have your personal physio?
ADRIAN MANNARINO: I'd love to have a physio, physical trainer, a tennis coach, et cetera, for myself. I can't do that right now.

I'm doing my best. But, indeed, I might have to think about having a personal physio. I'm not old, but I'm not very young either. When these things happen, you start thinking. I might have to make some investment in this direction.

I will need to think about it.

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