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April 20, 2017

Ken Duke

San Antonio, Texas

Q. Interesting 4-under, four birdies and an eagle and a couple bogies. What was going on out there?
KEN DUKE: I know. That's the way I play this game, as you guys know. The wind was tough out there, a few wet spots out there. Mud ball on last hole as well with the water.

You have to be patient, you have to scramble, hit great shots. You can hit some good shots and be rewarded as well. It was a fun day. Good day. I've been struggling a little bit.

Q. What's going to be your game plan for the rest of the week after such a good start?
KEN DUKE: Try to keep the ball in play, which I always do. I got to hit my irons a little bit better. Mr. Toski and I have been talking on the phone trying to get that ironed out a little bit. I'm glad he's not here. He probably whip me around this place.

Q. That was a heck of an up and down for a par there on the last. What happened with your second shot layup?
KEN DUKE: Had mud on the right side of the ball. Tried to hit a low 4-iron. Threw it straight left. That's kind of the way my game has been going last couple of months. No momentum.

I got that ball up and down today which was great. Before I would make bogey there and kind of go back the other way. Hopefully the momentum has changed and we'll go forward.

Q. Heck of a bunker shot for eagle at 14. Take us through the hole and the celebration at the end.
KEN DUKE: I hit a great 3-wood. To be honest with you, I thought it was perfect but came up short. Last two, three months haven't had any momentum. Something like that happened. Just Tiger is not here to get the crowd roaring and I can never even get close to him but I just needed to get some emotion out to get going a little bit and finished off the round pretty well and hopefully have a good week.

Q. Give us a little bit of comparison, what was better that celebration or at Peeble Beach with the dancing eagle celebration?
KEN DUKE: Got to be the eagle. Charley wouldn't say that. I got ripped on that dancing thing. I'm not too good at dancing.

Q. Scrambling perfect, especially on 18. Take us what was going through your mind with that hole specifically.
KEN DUKE: Hit a great tee shot and I knew I was going to lay it up which I had mud on the ball. Martin had a bunch of mud on his throughout the round. I don't know why it was still wet with all the rain on Monday.

But just hit a good shot, mud there and had a good number and hit a great shot. Tapped it in. Keeps the momentum going and going on into tomorrow, which is really great.

Q. How important is it to have the momentum, getting the crowded involved and getting yourself hyped up and finishing as strong as you did on 18?
KEN DUKE: It's great. I've been struggling a little bit. Finally I got off to a great start. This course, you can hit some great shots and be rewarded. You have to scramble on this golf course, especially I do. It's a tough golf course, big golf course for me and I have to try hard everyday.

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