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April 19, 2017

Stan Wawrinka

Monte Carlo, Monaco


6-2, 4-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French.

Q. How did you feel today on the court?
STAN WAWRINKA: Overall it's a good match. It was a first match on clay. The feeling was good. Winning in three sets means it was a good victory. It's important to win and keep going.

I prepared well. Practice was good. Physically I'm fine. We'll see what I can do.

Q. Is losing the second set a normal thing for a first match on clay?
STAN WAWRINKA: It's always better in straight sets. This is part of this kind of match. I had a letdown maybe.

Still, the match was not too long. I know my level is good. If I'm able to improve, I might have a chance in this tournament.

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Can I ask you a general question about fitness as you go into your 30s. You see Roger going off the tour for eight weeks. Is that an example for other players, how to manage the pressures of the tour? How do you cope with the fitness aspect?
STAN WAWRINKA: Well, I think what Roger does always been different than other player. He's a unique player. He's has his unique mentality. He's the best player ever. So he's always been kind of player who doesn't play too much. Even when he was 25, he was sometimes taking six weeks off for practice and getting ready.

For myself, in general, I think so far it's been good. The last 10 or more years, I always try not to play too many tournaments, play too much. I always try to take some break during the season for practice.

For sure I think more you getting older, the more important is it to be careful with that.

Q. What do you think about your next opponent, Cuevas?
STAN WAWRINKA: He's a great player, a tough player, especially on clay. He loves to play the clay. He always play in February. He playing well. He has a lot of matches already.

Practiced few times with him. Never been easy. So it's going to be interesting match.

Q. You played doubles. It's not going to be a habit? What about Fognini? Is it a strange combination?
STAN WAWRINKA: Why strange (smiling)?

Q. He's sort of a crazy guy. What do you think of him? Do you enjoy?
STAN WAWRINKA: Yeah, I did enjoy to play with him. He's a good friend in general. Was a great experience. Was really nice and fun to play with him.

I think we played a good match the first match. We had some chance today. No, I think he is really talented player. Also is really good doubles player.

I think in general was great to play with him.

Q. You were up 5-3, then at 5-4 you lost your serve. Not serving too well. Were you thinking about singles to play tomorrow, or doesn't pass through your mind?
STAN WAWRINKA: No, it doesn't pass. When I enter the court, I try to win. That's what we tried today. We had some chance in the first set, didn't took it. That's it.

Q. I've been told you're very fond of coffee. I was wondering if you could tell me what your coffee habits are, maybe where on tour you can get the best coffee, because you travel to many places?
STAN WAWRINKA: At home is my coffee machine. It's the best coffee (smiling).

No, there's not much to say. For sure I love coffee. Here it's nice to wake up and have the coffee and the nice view of Monaco. I quite enjoy every morning.

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