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April 19, 2017

Stephen Curry

Oakland, California: Game Two

Trail Blazers - 81, Warriors - 110

Q. Steph, you know Durant's out. Is it you've got to have a huge game? Is that a conversation you guys have or is it just it doesn't matter, just figure out a way to win? What's the mentality going into this?
STEPHEN CURRY: You've got to be aggressive. Obviously you're missing 25 points, 26 points at the lineup. So the shot is available you kind of do it a different way. But tonight we didn't really get it going much or consistently throughout the game. We had some dry spots, but we won the game with our defense tonight.

When you're missing 26 points, that's the best way to put yourself in position to maintain that level of play and get wins is with our defensive focus and intensity. In the first quarter we really asserted ourselves and that set the tone for the game, despite the few mini runs that they had, we kind of owned that side of the floor tonight.

Q. JaVale came in off the bench, he gets three alley-oops, two assisted by you and one by Draymond. Can you talk about what type of player he is? Coming here and doing it in limited minutes? Doing 23 total minutes in two games. Talk about what type of athlete he is, and how special he is to the Warriors right now?
STEPHEN CURRY: He's a professional. Doesn't matter if he's playing 13 minutes or 5 minutes, he comes in with the same effort and energy whenever he steps on the floor. It gives us a different dynamic. He puts pressure on the rim on offense, and he protects the rim on defense. You can always count on him playing hard. That was the best attribute about him.

When he's out there, he's locked in and he's giving effort. In the play last game where he sprints full court after a block and gets a loose rebound. I get the three off of it, and just little plays that he can change the momentum of games on both ends of the floor, it's huge for us.

Q. You guys seem to have a lot of fun on the court with JaVale. Is that something about him that brings kind of a video game quality to the game?
STEPHEN CURRY: You need to roll into the paint and he's able to get his feet set and take off and throw it anywhere and catch it. That's always a fun way to play. Sometimes we kind of get caught up in looking for him sometimes too much when he's not open, just because we feel like he can do something spectacular above the rim. When he can electrify the crowd with a huge block and the alley-oop dunks and things like that, it's just a different dynamic that we love to have.

Q. On a night like tonight when you and Klay and Draymond really don't find your offense the way you normally do, how big is it to have 33 points from your bigs like Zaza. I think Zaza, JaVale, and David combined for three points to get to that position?
STEPHEN CURRY: It's big. You want to try to promote ball movement when they get the play on their hands and the post and finish plays in the paint, you know, it helps us out a huge amount. We didn't have our three-ballgame rolling well at all the entire game. When they can put pressure on the defense, especially with the lines out there at times, that's a huge advantage for us. They make them pay.

We figured out when the ball is moving, we can get paint touches and get those guys finishing at the rim, and making plays in post situations, it just gives us an extra boost.

Q. Steph, you were in the locker room in the fourth quarter. Was it anything that you had to work out? What was going on there?
STEPHEN CURRY: When I did what?

Q. When you went in the locker room. I think it was with Chellsie?
STEPHEN CURRY: Oh, nothing. Just getting an extra pad for my hip. That's it.

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