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April 19, 2017

Terry Stotts

Oakland, California: Game Two

Trail Blazers - 81, Warriors - 110

Q. What is the difference in the start of the third quarter that they were able to do to kind of take you guys out?
TERRY STOTTS: They're the best third quarter team in the league. You get down nine and, I think, I always think a lot of great teams really know how to turn up the screws in the third quarter and take a ten-point lead or nine-point lead and get it to 15 or whatever and make it a more difficult game, and that's what they did. We didn't finish a couple baskets, they converted right away, and the lead went from 9 to 16 pretty quickly.

Q. Was it more the Warriors defense tonight or were you guys just off?
TERRY STOTTS: It's usually a combination of both. I give them credit. They were good defensively, but I thought in the first quarter, in particular, we got to the rim a lot. Didn't finish around the basket. Obviously, we didn't shoot the three well.

As I said when we started the series, need we need to score. So give them credit for playing well defensively, but I certainly know we can play better offense than we did.

Q. How do you try to stop the Javale McGee lob game when they've got so many shooters out there? It seems like it's been really effective?
TERRY STOTTS: Well, we wanted to switch it a little bit more than we did. We didn't communicate the switches well, but it's a challenge. Because when you have a guy like Steph or Klay coming off, you've got to get up and guard them and not let the big get behind you if you're going to drop on them. So they do that very well, we didn't obviously cover it the way we wanted to.

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