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April 18, 2017

DeAndre Jordan

Los Angeles, California: Game Two

Clippers - 99, Jazz - 91

Q. It looked like you really raised your activity level tonight, particularly on the offensive end and in the early going. How much of that was in response to Game 1 and part of the game plan?
DeANDRE JORDAN: No. I just was playing, man. Just trying to do my job, get guys open and roll hard, and if I'm open, the guys do a great job of being there so I can pass them the basketball, just to make plays and take whatever they give us, and on the defensive end just staying connected, covering for guys, and just trying to limit those guys to one shot.

Q. Is this kind of a sigh of relief moment? How big was it not to fall behind two games to them?
DeANDRE JORDAN: I mean, we had the win tonight. We would have wanted to win the first game, but we didn't, and we'll just take each game one at a time and just play, man. We can't go back and fix it, so we've just got to -- we've just got to go, man. Worry about Game 3.

Q. D.J., why do you think you guys were able to score so much better in the paint tonight? You had 60 in the paint versus 40 in Game 1.
DeANDRE JORDAN: I think we just made a point to try to get easy baskets. We got a lot of stops early in the game and we were able to get out and run in transition and get some easy dunks and post steals for Blake and Mo and guys like that and just to be able to do that and then it opens up for our shooters.

Q. D.J., over the two days where you guys practiced, watched film before leading up to this game, what was the view of the team? What was your thought process about this Game 2?
DeANDRE JORDAN: Doc yelled at us a lot.

Q. With good reason?
DeANDRE JORDAN: Yeah, we played like -- we didn't play good Game 1. That's why we were down a game, and tonight we -- the past two days we've gone over a lot of things, things that we didn't see as players in Game 1 and we corrected and tried to take advantage of tonight, and I'm pretty sure there will be more adjustments in Game 3 and we've just got to come out and figure it out and adapt and adjust.

Q. When Gobert went down, did you feel like that would change your impact potentially offensively? Did you see that as an opportunity for yourself?
DeANDRE JORDAN: No, I'm not worried about anybody else. I hope he's great. I hope he comes back this series. But we can't worry about one person, and I don't think my job changes if he's playing or if he's out. I've just got to continue to do my job and play the game of basketball no matter who's out there.

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