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April 18, 2017

Blake Griffin

Los Angeles, California: Game Two

Clippers - 99, Jazz - 91

Q. Blake, DeAndre kind of talked about you guys' ability to get the ball inside, it really opened up the floor for shooters to get open shots. The shots still weren't falling, but is there a sense after this victory going to Utah that there's even another level that you guys can get to if your shooters are able to knock some of those down?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: Yeah, I thought we did a good job of, like you said, getting the ball inside. It was a point of emphasis. But yeah, when we're hitting outside shots and putting pressure on teams inside, it is another level, but those games aren't always going to happen. I thought tonight what made the difference is defensively we just made it tough for them and made them take the shots we wanted them to take.

Q. How do you find the balance between -- Doc always says take the open shot when you have it from beyond the line. How do you find the balance between faking and driving or taking the open three?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: It's like a work in progress. Every game is a little different. It kind of depends on the feel of the game. Tonight tried to attack or get them out, but at times you still have to space the floor. You can't just always put your head down and go. It's just the rhythm of the game.

Q. It seems like you guys kind of jumped out to a double-digit lead early but every time you got a lead they came back. You really couldn't put them away. What do you attribute that to, and how can you maybe step on their throats the next time if you get a big lead?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: I mean, they're a team that they keep fighting. They keep executing. I've said it over and over, but they're really well-coached. They don't panic. They have a good group of veteran leaders that have been in these situations. I mean, for us it's just about getting more stops and hitting more shots. I thought our spirit defensively and offensively was good for most of the game, it's just about putting more stops together and hitting more shots.

Q. How was that just opening stretch of the first quarter when you, Chris and DeAndre were all involved, all scoring and jumped out to that early lead to establish that identity early?
BLAKE GRIFFIN: Yeah, it was big. We had two days of being pretty pissed off, and it's never fun coming in and watching film after that Game 1 loss. We had a good practice yesterday, and I thought our spirit was great, and I think it just carried over into the first quarter, with everybody being aggressive. You know, that's what we need. Miss or make shots, we have to be aggressive like that. I think that aggressiveness will help us carry that over -- our offensive aggressiveness will carry over to defense.

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